She wolfe tarot is in production

...and will be officially available at the end of November, 2017. Preorders are still available at a discounted rate! Price will go up upon release, so get yours now! 

Mock up - not a real photo of the deck. 

Mock up - not a real photo of the deck. 


Selling some gorgeous one of a kind pieces for a limited time only

Fall is coming...make sure you are equipped with your serpentfire deck


featuring 80 cards 

78 of the 'traditional' tarot cards - though many are named differently - plus two secret arcana cards that deal with the completion of a cosmic cycle. The deck will be edged in gold-leaf. It will be accompanied by a detailed booklet outlining the meaning of the cards and the artwork, plus some essential tarot spreads. Both will come in a beautiful two-piece lift box.

Serpentfire tarot featured in vogue

welcome evelyn zuel, astrologer

Evelyn Zuel of ASTROMCOUNCIL.COM has just joined the SERPENTFIRE Shai-Hulud ride - she will be contributing her graceful, elegant astrological insights regularly! Check our her first article here.