S E R P E N T F I R E is a magick art + design company currently based in Toronto, Ontario. It is a collection of cosmic dreams, an homage to the Goddess, and it explores the Void with open eyes. 

My company was created as an honour to Kundalini energy. I had a Kundalini awakening in 2006 and it changed me forever. I offer services to those in need of spiritual guidance - specializing in Kundalini awakening-related spiritual emergencies, but I also am available to correspond about anxiety, depression and existential crises. Please see the "Kundalini" page for more details.  

I have been working in the arts for 15 years. I am a multidisciplinary creatress with an academic background in painting and drawing. My current mediums are digital collage/vector work, textiles/fashion, and writing - though my palette is always beckoning new experiences. 

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evelyn zuel

Evelyn Von Zuel is an intuitive astrologer currently based out of LA and Joshua Tree. Her fascination with spirituality and Astrology transcended hobby and entered the void of no return 4 years ago when she began her Astrological studies. Evelyn is a Libra Sun in the 12th house which grants her the gifts of objective insight into the nature of human spirit, her Scorpio Rising paves the way for focused vision and Taurus Moon allows her to be a grounding energy for those who seek it.

As the sacred feminine makes her return Evelyn is devoted to reconnecting the collective to heras much as possible in this life time.

Her Astrological work can be found at astromcouncil.com.

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Nadine is as honest, dynamic and full of depth as they come. She is a contributing writer and crystal model, check out both the blog and instagram for her weekly writings! 



sarah koff

Birthed by a rainbow, Sarah Koff is a visual artist also known as BeautifulUrself. Through her work she explores the inner realms of self and space, looking for hidden meanings in everyday occurrences. Sarah invites the viewer to see the world from her point of view and escape into a dreamy world of surreal vibrancy. 

Sarah is on board with us as director of marketing and customer relations. 

Her tumblr can be found at http://beautifulurself.tumblr.com/