CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Sharing Your Kundalini Stories

Today (November 17th, 2015) is the anniversary of my spontaneous Kundalini awakening which took place in 2006. I have been so inspired over the last few years by everyone who has reached out to me about their experiences with Kundalini and I had a bit of a lightning strike of inspiration because of it.

I have always wanted to publish a book about my awakening experience, but I felt that it wouldn't be enough, especially since my process is far from over. 

Which is why I am looking for collaborators. People who would like to share their own experiences with Kundalini - their awakening, their phenomena, their struggles, fears, gifts, revelations - all of it. 

The book would be a compilation of stories, and through it we would amass things we found helped or hindered Kundalini for a second section of the book which would detail tips about how to deal with the process as it unfolds. 

If you did not want your real name published, you could certainly use a pseudonym or be 'anonymous'. But it would be wonderful, even if you didn't want to be identified, to contribute to this project, as it would be so helpful to those out there struggling with their own mysterious Kundalini journey.  

If you would like to submit, please email me: 

Thanks so much, lots of love to all,

Devany xx 

Devany WolfeComment