Hi all,

Ever since its launch in June, 2014, SERPENTFIRE Tarot has enjoyed a really fun ride, and you all have been so supportive. It has gone through many incarnations in this short time, and your feedback has helped me evolve myself and my work in previously unimaginable ways. 

I am really keen on bringing you the best possible tarot deck, so I am placing sales of SERPENTFIRE Tarot on hiatus for the time being in order to work with a new publishing company. In a few short months I plan on returning with a Kickstarter campaign in order to provide you with a better box, brand new upgraded booklet and potentially even some new deck sizes! By then my other tarot deck which I am now working on, Eternal Horizons Tarot, will be ready as well and I will sell them in tandem. 

So my apologies to anyone who was hoping to order in the coming months, but rest assured that #serpentfiretarot will be back better than ever very soon. All orders up until now will be shipped out shortly, and I am still providing tarot readings through my webstore. 

I love you all!



Devany Wolfe1 Comment