Obsidian Monarch Custom SERPENTFIRE Tarot Box

Hi all! 

It has been a while since I have posted - the summer is in its high arc, and I have been so busy with nesting all of the projects which will hatch in the fall and winter of this year. 

In the meanwhile, a beautiful package just dropped in my lap - my friend Billy, aka Obsidian Monarch, an incredibly talented leatherworker from the Bay area, California, created this absolutely stunning and powerful pouch box based upon the design of SERPENTFIRE Tarot. His engravings reflect the ojo pillars from the fifth edition, and the back and sides feature lovely geometric designs from a select few tarot cards in the deck.

So while we all await the return of SERPENTFIRE Tarot in the coming months, you may order one of these amazing custom boxes from Obsidian for yourself! If it is a popular enough piece, we will offer it as a staple item with the tarot deck!

Obsidian's website: http://www.obsidianmonarch.com/

Until next time, lots of love,

Devany xx

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