How I Cleanse My Tarot Deck

I recently performed about 50 tarot readings in one night for a special charity event. It was a wonderful time, but it definitely wore me (and my tarot deck) out. If you are into the esoteric arts at all, then I am sure you can appreciate how objects carry energy. After 50 people handled my personal deck, it was crucial for me to cleanse it. 

You can also do this, or a variation of this, every once in a while for your tarot cards. It is especially important to do if you have received a second hand deck, or if someone touched or used your deck without asking, after an especially intense reading, or if you are feeling disconnected to the cards. 

I began with choosing a special box which usually hold some of my crystals as the vessel. I filled the box with fine sea salt. 

I then arranged all of the cards in order. Major Arcana 0 (Fool) to 21 (World) and the same for all of the Minor Arcana and Court Cards. 

I then lit some sage, and some incense, and held the deck above these and smudged it for a few minutes, until the cards themselves had a smoky odour. 

Then, I wrapped up the perfectly arranged, smudged deck in a piece of special fabric, in this case, a vintage sari which holds special significance for me. Once it was wrapped up tightly I nestled it in the box, making sure it was buried in the sand as much as possible. I then placed some meaningful crystals on top. I used my fluorite pillar and amethyst. I then closed the box and set it in a quiet, dark place. 

I plan on leaving the deck like this until the full moon on the 27th of September, and then bathe it under the light of the moon that night. This means that it will remain in the box for a little over a week. However long you wish to cleanse yours is up to you. 

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