Magick, Witchhood and Kundalini - The Triad Path

The path of the magickal one, the path of the witch, begins at the nexus point of the conception of the soul. The soul’s path chooses this simultaneously heightened and grounded nature over lifetimes, but it may undergo various stages and intensities. 


Unless fostered from an early age in this incarnation and provided an environment in which to grow and trust, witchhood can be suppressed, pushed inwards. Gifts bestowed by the keen eye, ear, heart and hand can become veiled. This can lead to shattering experiences - ones that force the magick out suddenly and almost violently for the one who has insofar kept a steady hand on the outflow of such immense energies. 


Those who have keen senses that see and feel beyond the outer reaches of normality have in their possession the capacity for engaging with synchronicity and acute powers of manifestation. Life is full of this, but there is so much noise, traffic and chaos input that can muddle the signals, sometimes blotting them out completely when, again, our magickal abilities are not nurtured. This isn’t even to mention the skepticism that is so prevalent in our culture when it comes to the notion of magick, the nature of witchcraft, and the path of Kundalini. These things are squirrelled away in dark corners, in the underground, where most feel likethey belong. For one with strong magickal abilities, or one who wants to hone and master them, it often requires enduring gauntlets of societal shaming, personal undoing, and unconventional lifestyles. It is not an easy road. 


For many, this leads to the suppression reaction - and many years of treading territory that is, all things considered, unnatural. 


It is not uncommon, in my experience, and in many I’ve read, for magickal ones to encounter varieties of near-death experiences, traumatic life experiences, or aggressive spiritual openings, as a result of the universe trying to send signals for the magickal channel to open, once and for all. 


Near death and trauma serve to shake the foundational belief system that may have been carried forward for too long, giving way to the more important energies. Kundalini also does this, but in a psycho-spiritual manner, not by necessarily ‘taking anything away’ in this physical reality. Kundalini is essentially the addition of mysterious spirit, and it is not a wholly pleasant road. Hell, heaven and back to hell, there are extreme fires and brightness on both ends, leaving the Eye peeled and the heart smouldering. But it succeeds, regardless of the way its aroused, to open the magickal channel in a more or less permanent way. Perhaps moreso than trauma or near death, as occasionally, once we return to our regular scheduled programming after taking the time to heal, previous mentalities can replace the once-elated sense of spiritual union. In these scenarios, it may take more conscious effort to maintain these energies, instead of allowing them to go dormant again. If no effort is made, dormancy can happen, and the cycle of suppression, universal wake up calls, and opening happens again. All in all, if the magickal path is meant to be, it seems the universe is keen on making it happen at any cost. Source may very well believe that a life without magick is a life wasted, and nudges us into consciousness. 


So, if this is happening for you, this may be an opportunity to see how you can assimilate this magickal nature more into your life. Don’t be ashamed of it. The soul’s path has a much larger arc than the reach of your career, your self-identity in this life, what others think of you, your immediate image, and the depth of your pocket. The signs are everywhere, and it is akin to physical health to not suppress the natural state of your spirit. When the physical body is suppressed it reacts by proliferating disease. When the spirit is suppressed the universal Source will send a lightning bolt of awareness through your very spine, shocking you awake.


Put your hands in the earth, reach the crown of your head to the sky, and use your Will like a slithering serpent extending out from your fingertips, reaching and tasting before you even arrive. Your Will in action is magick, use it carefully with all of the elements of this glorious planet as your helpers, and never doubt yourself. 


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