Eclipse Season: Magick and Messages from Deep Space Part 1

 artwork: serpentfire 

artwork: serpentfire 

The first of two eclipses this month is set to happen tomorrow afternoon (February 10th). It is a penumbral lunar eclipse - meaning that the shadow cast on the moon is subtle and not as dramatic as a full eclipse. It is in the house of Leo - a fire sign, the most performative and boisterous of all of the astrological signs. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which governs our life purpose. Thus its shadow aspects have to do with our ego, and our self-imposed limitations that get in the way of us fulfilling our highest goals.


One of my favourite astrologers, Kaypacha, explains that the auric field is different during eclipse
season. We are greatly expanded, and the more sensitive and attuned of us may be experiencing anxiety and feelings of being unsettled right now. Instead of the field being its regular size, we are gaining impressions from deep space. Incarnating souls are happening en masse and the gateways are open. It is a very uncertain time, magnified greatly by Jupiter opposite Uranus. We also have Venus and Mars in Aries, ready to charge, react and maybe even fight.

Lunar energy deals with the un/subconscious - and we are afforded a grace with the lunar eclipse happening prior to the solar here so that we may spiritually and emotionally purge whatever is necessary to enter into the solar event in two weeks. This eclipse is in 22 degrees Leo, and we are
being asked to look at what has happened in our past that may be holding us back from our potential now. This will require some major digging and coupled with the Aries energy may lead to upset and wanting to throw the towel in. But if we hold steady eye contact with these upheavals, we can work through what's necessary to meet with the solar eclipse later this month. More detail on this later, but it is extra important that we do the work this time, as the solar event is in Pisces, the final part of the astrological/life cycle.

Som of the energy of 2016 that fed into our difficulty has continued into 2017 not out of cruelty, but because astrology and cosmic cycles do not follow calendar years! This solar eclipse in Pisces may be a wonderful chance at putting the last vestiges of old, stagnant, no longer relevant energies to rest. Be clear about what you don't want to bring along into the future. This purging process will likely be jarring and painful, but as Kaypacha says, "this shit has got to go!"

Let it out, and do it well, so that you don't have to learn the lesson again.

This is the first of 5 eclipses in Leo between now and 2019, so the theme of the sun, and our life purpose, is going to continue over the next 2 years. As before mentioned, Leo is the sign of the showman, one who desires to attract attention, drama, grand gestures and overtures, so coupled with the full moon, where things come to a zenith and are made obvious, this will make for an even more dramatic entrance of whatever shadow aspects have been left to percolate under the surface for a long time. 

Whatever comes into your life as a result of this eclipse season will likely be of a certain larger theme or archetype (think Major Arcana that deal with larger life events, as opposed to the Minors which deal with more day-to-day experiences and actions) so pay attention to the flavours that come into your palette over the next few weeks. 

There is so much potent, thriving potential energy to be had here, so do what you can to work with the challenges and the mirrors that present themselves. When possible, push yourself and when necessary, rest.

Here's a list of other things you can do to help ease/aid this transition:

~ write in a journal

~ meditate

~ do grounding exercises such as yoga, breathwork, walking in nature

~ make a list of things that you feel are holding you back, and see what can be done about them

~ erect an altar, adorn it with precious/magical objects

~ listen to soothing music and get enough sleep 

See you in two weeks for the second instalment of this post when we discuss the solar eclipse in Pisces. 

Until then, xx

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