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What's your summertime tarot adventure?

Beautiful serpentfire tarot photos by (clockwise from top left) @the_sisters_enchanted, @vanessalamorte, @the_sugar_tarot, @reeneets, @serpentfire 

Beautiful serpentfire tarot photos by (clockwise from top left) @the_sisters_enchanted, @vanessalamorte, @the_sugar_tarot, @reeneets, @serpentfire 

The Aeon of Horus Kimono is back by popular demand


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she wolfe tarot is coming

Hot on the heels of the SERPENTFIRE occult dreamscape deck, She Wolfe Tarot will be taking off in a few short months. It is both an extension and an antithesis to SERPENTFIRE. The Ancient Egyptian theme is explored with clarity and vivacity and the edge-to-edge artwork creates a focused gaze upon the stark symbolism. 

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featuring 80 cards 

78 of the 'traditional' tarot cards - though many are named differently - plus two secret arcana cards that deal with the completion of a cosmic cycle. The deck will be edged in gold-leaf. It will be accompanied by a detailed booklet outlining the meaning of the cards and the artwork, plus some essential tarot spreads. Both will come in a beautiful two-piece lift box.


The box

Combining a variety of influences...from Dune to Ancient Egypt to occult + Kundalini imagery. 

Submissions are still open for a select few cards 

Please see the SHE WOLFE page for more information. 

Serpentfire tarot featured in vogue

welcome evelyn zuel, astrologer

Evelyn Zuel of ASTROMCOUNCIL.COM has just joined the SERPENTFIRE Shai-Hulud ride - she will be contributing her graceful, elegant astrological insights regularly! Check our her first article here.