kundalini awakening

Kundalini is a psycho-spiritual force that lies dormant in all people until it is awakened in some. It is a force of immense power and potential. Once awakened, it has the ability to completely transform one's life. For some people, awakening Kundalini is a goal, but for many others, it is a subject of which nothing is known, and thus can catch us completely unaware. There is a little known about what Kundalini is and what its role is in the human experience, especially in Western society. Many people who are going through an awakening do not know what is happening, and (understandably) assume that they are going crazy, dying, or that their bodies are running amok. It can be a very frightening and isolating event, as even once we know what is taking place, it is very difficult to relate to our friends, family and lovers about it.  

I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 2006 and it changed me forever. If you'd like to read my story, please listen to the below audio.

I offer services to those in need of spiritual guidance - specializing in Kundalini awakening-related spiritual emergencies, but I also am available to correspond about anxiety, depression and existential crises. All correspondence is 100% safe and confidential. No information will be used for any purpose. It is strictly for the sake of aiding those who may need it. I am not an expert or a guru, simply someone who understands and is here as an anonymous support should you need it. 

Please feel free to email: info@serpentfire.ca

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kundalini awakening network


I am launching a new project - a website for those who need it. 

The Kundalini Awakening Network (or KAN) is a website geared to connect a worldwide network of support, linking people who are undergoing (or have gone through) a kundalini awakening with all kinds of healers, therapists and medical professionals who are "kundalini positive" (aka recognize kundalini as a valid life experience) in their area. Some of these support systems will also be available digitally, or long distance. 

The aim is to amass a community of Kundalini positive folks together so that those who are experiencing Kundalini do not feel so isolated in obtaining the emotional, mental and physical help they need. 

The Western world is 'waking up' to the reality of Kundalini. Countless people awaken this phenomenon within them either spontaneously, or through willful means. Even if achieved intentionally, Kundalini can open up many gateways that are quite unexpected, requiring dynamic support. 

In many people's experiences, this support is difficult to come by. Kundalini is not yet widely accepted as a legitimate phenomenon by the medical and psychiatric world, leaving us often feeling misunderstood and ostracized. 

The professionals listed here have been carefully selected and vetted to ensure their safety; they either believe in kundalini as a valid experience and/or have undergone an awakening themselves. 

There will also be a list of non-professionals (such as myself) who have offered their support should you simply need someone to speak to. Eventually there will be a forum for chat. Please bear with us as we grow this community!

If you would like to be a part of this project please fill out the below form. 

xx, Devany

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submissions for upcoming kundalini book


I am currently taking submissions for a book I am writing about Kundalini awakening + energy. 

The book will be a compilation of real stories from people who have undergone a Kundalini awakening. Many books and reference materials which are available today do not appeal to the fact that Kundalini only happens to regular people with regular lives. Much of the material out there is soaked in spiritual jargon and is inaccessible to those of us who need support and guidance. My goal is to create a resource which will use plain language to describe this mysterious phenomenon, and to highlight, through the wide variety of stories, what can happen during the process. I hope to find common elements which people have found aided or hindered their journey, so that the reader can try out their own combination and find ease and comfort. Finally, I wish to provide a wide array of personal and professional resources. 


The book will contain five sections: 

1. What is known about Kundalini - key terms, symbols, theories, symptoms, manifestations, history

2. People's Kundalini stories - 22 in total - covering everything from pleasant experiences to difficult ones

3. Guidance, tips and tricks to help ease the process

4. Kundalini artwork

5. Contact information and resources

If you would like to submit your story, please do so by emailing info@serpentfire.ca

The guidelines are as follows:

~ Kundalini story must be your own personal experience. Please make sure to discuss what your symptoms and phenomena were/are somewhere in the narrative. Can be any length as long as it is your real, sincere story. 

~ Must not contain any real names of any other people unless they consent - otherwise, please use pseudonyms

~ Along with your story, please send a list of foods, activities and habits which helped or hindered your Kundalini process.  For example: some vegetarians are called to eat meat, some people who do yoga find it too intense and need to stop, some people begin making artwork, etc. 

~ If you wish to have your real name published, please let me know if you would be willing to have any contact information published in the 5th section of the book for correspondence with readers. If you wish to be anonymous, please provide a pseudonym, and your contact information will not be provided. 

~ If you are contributing artwork, please include your name, a high resolution photo of the image, and any contact information you would like provided.

Any questions please don't hesitate to email me. 

Greatly anticipating making this book a huge success in our Kundalini community! 

Lots of love,

Devany Wolfe