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praise for she wolfe

"Just take a gander at Serpentfire’s glorious She Wolfe...truly a work of art." ~ NYLON Magazine

" She Wolfe Tarot is a feminist deck for everyone who wants to see the advancement of women, i.e. everyone." ~ Brooklyn Based

"The sexiest tarot deck on the market." ~ happy customer

she wolfe is officially here

customer photos - thus far 

she wolfe is an odyssey unlike any other deck

Back in 2014, I made the major arcana of a deck that would never go to print - Eternal Horizons tarot. A heavy Ancient Egyptian theme, inspired by both the Sephiroth and Via tarot decks, it created a brand new aesthetic journey for me. Little did I know at the time, it would lead to the birth of my second tarot deck. 


The wisdom of Ancient Egypt, the mysterious power of Kundalini and the wild Wolf, the alchemy of transformation, the archetype of the Goddess learning her universal lessons, the guiding force of the planets and their transits. This is She Wolfe. 


From the outset: I knew one thing. I wanted the deck to be visually impactful, stark and powerful. I wanted it to contain timeless imagery but with the fashion-forward, retrofuturism that I cannot seem to get enough of. My challenge was to create something visually stunning but much more simplistic than SERPENTFIRE Tarot. I wanted the artwork to speak for itself, instead of being clouded by numbers, borders, or any other unnecessary phenomena. As a result, She Wolfe was the most challenging project to date - as I forced myself to channel my creative vividness into more crystalline monoliths of symbol and figure. 


And then came the submissions. Hundreds of beautiful, diverse women and men. Tens of thousands of heartfelt words, expressing their connection to the card, or cards, they were applying for...so many amazing stories. Love stories. I was utterly overwhelmed and touched beyond belief. Women embodying typical male tarot roles. Men embodying the feminine. Changing paradigms. Selection was difficult, and in my effort to ensure diversity I kept the submissions open for much longer than I had initially intended for the timeline of the project. Typically the model's pose dictated how the card art would develop. I had no strict ideas. I let it all flow as it needed to. The result was an exercise in surrender unlike anything I had experienced before. 12 months of consistent plugging away. 80 separate works. 


And then came the booklet. I decided to go wild with this piece too...saying the hell with one page per card as was the case with SERPENTFIRE Tarot. Let go and let flow. My deeper understanding of the tarot gave way to beautiful descriptions and explanations of the cards, always with self love and a nurturing, direct voice as the backbone. 30,000 words later, the booklet is more of a proper book, and it is the most comprehensive volume I've written on the tarot to date. 


I know you will find gems in this work as I've nested them. Thank you to everyone involved and for all of your support. I love you all dearly and for all time.