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the 7th edition of 

serpentfire is here, and it's borderless

After many requests, I decided to scrap the borders that accompanied the previous six editions of serpentfire tarot. It now features edge-to-edge artwork, as well as a new, sleek card back and box design. 

The artwork in the iconic occult deck is now unhindered and shines vibrantly.


she wolfe continues to be the ultimate feminist tarot deck

" She Wolfe Tarot is a feminist deck for everyone who wants to see the advancement of women, i.e. everyone." ~ Brooklyn Based

Featuring 78 images of diverse women from the serpentfire community and beyond, She Wolfe is a representation of the divine feminine with a surreal flair. 





A fun, sexy and deeply insightful 22-card oracle deck that helps you gain insight into how to manifest your dreams. 

From the shop: "Sigils have been used for thousands of years to invoke magick. They are potent symbols amassed to manifest intended outcomes."

This colourful deck will be a lovely addition to any self-reflection practice. The 22 cards reflect the 22 major arcana tarot archetypes, which are important themes we all face in life. 

This lil beaut is available now. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 9.49.49 PM.png

celestial bodies is now finished production!

This one'll be for the history books.

If you are overwhelmed by the notion of learning astrology, or

want to add it beautifully to your practice, this deck will be the perfect learning tool for you. 

Through epically composed, magical artworks and deeply insightful companion descriptions, this oracle will help you understand the cosmos more fully than ever. 

Planets, signs, houses, luminaries, eclipses, retrogrades, aspects, arrangements, elements and more will be described in easy, yet thorough terms for your studies. 

The artwork will take you on journeys beyond time and space.

And this body of work will also include the basics of numerology! 

Truly a tool for self-understanding. More info HERE.

Preorders are now open! 

About Kundalini

An energy force as ancient as we are. 

Since there have been human beings, there has been Kundalini. 

It is a psycho-spiritual force that lies dormant in all people until it is awakened in some. 

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