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has arrived!

This stylish, colourful, yet simply designed 37 card deck gently helps you get back in touch with your nervous system. 

​Living in a late-stage capitalist, colonialist, information age is exhausting to the nervous system, the adrenals and the entire hypothalamic-pituitary axis - aka our precious, wonderful, magnificent, miraculous animal bodies. 

​Unfortunately, many of us don't know what homeostasis feels like, or it has been long forgotten. Our nervous systems are primed, caught in a fight / flight / freeze / fawn response (or a wild combination of all four). This can lead to:

~hyper-reactivity / hyper-vigilance

~the inability to relax

~poor sleep

~poor digestion

~ decreased 'window of tolerance' (our ability to handle stressors)

~ chronic illness / infection 

~ burnout 

~ anxiety and depression 

​...sound familiar? Well, me too. So I wanted to bring a tool to life that could be a lovely supplementary gift to a budding, or already established, nervous system health practice. 

​This deck is accompanied by a thorough, supportive guidebook that takes you through the meaning of each card, a set of Wise Body TasksTM  as well as suggestions, questions and mantras to help usher in healthier, calmer more grounded somatic habits into your life. 

​It also comes with a beautiful hardcover prompt journal which has daily questions for you to explore based on nervous system triggers, how you feel from the morning through night, so that you may better get to know your patterns and habits. It works in tandem with this deck, or any tarot or oracle deck of your choosing. 

This deck makes a perfect gift for anyone in this day and age, but is also well-suited to any therapist, somatic practitioner, yoga studio, healing centre, or school.

Our bodies are so wise and know what they need to relax, heal and rejuvenate. It is up to us to listen and practice.

Who Are We

Fey Creaturehood is my writing hub - where I explore all of the topics that are meaningful to me in some way: neurodivergence (autism + adhd), mental health, chronic illness, our relationship with death, capitalist hustle culture and how to divest from it, shadow work, mythology and more. It is a beautiful way to support me as a creator - it is only 5.00/month. There are free subscription options as well, but if you can please become a paid subscriber as there are so many goodies such as bonus articles, Q&A sessions and exclusive discount codes. 


Do you suspect that you may be autistic? Have you recently self-identified or received an autism diagnosis and are feeling lost? In these one-on-one support sessions, we can discuss anything you'd like in regards to autistic traits, a life on the spectrum, embracing an autistic identity, masking and unmasking, burnout, ableism and discrimination, special interests, self-care and more.

You direct the session. You may also ask me questions, but bear in mind that the time will be mostly focused on you. 

This is a one-on-one session. Please only book in for yourself. 

Please note: I am not a certified therapist. I am a late-diagnosed autistic woman who has dedicated her career over the last two years to autism education, advocacy and research as well as somatic nervous system healing practices. 

I've observed that there is a rather dire need for peer-to-peer support in our community, as for the most part it is sorely lacking in traditional therapeutic models - and autism is still so greatly misunderstood in modern psychology. 

I am setting myself up as a bridge.

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