In 2021, I was diagnosed with autism and ADHD at age 37. A life of struggles and confusion that

had no name, but many inappropriate labels, all came culminating to a single point of clarity. 

So many shifts in identity have occurred, so many realizations, so much more self-love and 

gentleness. However, almost in equal measure, there has been grief, disillusionment, letting 

go of internalized ableism, relationships that no longer belong, and much more. 

To help process all of this big change, as well as offering those who need it some guidance, I have created an ebook and a short podcast series on the subject of being a late diagnosed neurodivergent (LDN). Links to listen and read below. 

Lots of love, 



I have two offerings below - a limited podcast series (to be updated as more episodes are completed) and a Handbook For The Late Diagnosed Neurodivergent. Click below to listen / purchase. You can also listen to the podcast episodes on Spotify here.