Kundalini is a psycho-spiritual force that lies dormant in all people until it is awakened in some. It is a force of immense power and potential. Once awakened, it has the ability to completely transform one's life. For some people, awakening Kundalini is a goal, but for many others, it is a subject of which nothing is known, and thus can catch us completely unaware. There is a little known about what Kundalini is and what its role is in the human experience, especially in Western society. Myself and many others are trying to change that, by bringing awareness to the phenomenon. Many believe it is window for spiritual awakening and learning about our higher purpose. Some believe it can lead to enlightenment. 

I personally am hesitant to attach such words to the experience, as it is not a guarantee or a gateway. Some sites and books will advertise Kundalini as such, and it is dangerous. Awakening Kundalini has many risks, especially if all of the trials, tests and rites of passage are not to be heeded or respected. There are plenty of examples on YouTube of people who thought Kundalini was "cool" and wanted to try rousing it on their own...only to find they were far down a rabbit hole they didn't want to be in. 

Once awakened, it is a process that unfolds with countless symptoms both physical and psychological (see below). These experiences can be channeled and softened somewhat, but most often they are going to happen how they happen, and it is up to us to allow them, doing our best not to engage in fear along the way. This presents a very undeniable challenge for many of us, as Kundalini adds/strips away/changes so many ways we relate to ourselves and our environment. 

Usually Kundalini is marked by an intense awakening "explosion" or "cascade" though it can also take other forms that are more subtle and gradual. Typically the more sudden awakenings feel like a ton of liquid electricity surging up the spine and throughout the body - these types are unmistakable. The other, more gradual awakenings are more difficult to pinpoint. 

The below list is meant to be used as a guide for understanding Kundalini - not as a self-diagnostic tool. If you are experiencing strange and ongoing symptoms, see your doctor to rule out any neurological (or other) diseases.

partial (incomplete) symptoms list


~ Intense energy rushes, muscle spasms, tingling, jerking, tremors, "crawling" or "slithering" sensations anywhere in the body, often primarily in and around the spine and head

~ Headaches, head pressures, feeling like something is stabbing or wants to poke through the top of the head, feeling a tight band around the head, tingling in the third eye area

~ Changes in sight, seeing lights

~ Changes in voice and speech

~ Heart palpitations, "heart expansions" (Kundalini energy concentrates around the heart centre and "expands" the area, resulting in rapid heartbeats and anxiety)

~ Hearing changes: roaring, whooshing, buzzing, singing sounds, music

~ Pains anywhere in the body can be amplified - Kundalini can also mimic diseases when nothing is actually wrong - this has been said to be a "cleansing" or "clearing" of certain impurities or Karma

~ Detox: inability to consume certain foods or drink suddenly. Drastic changes in appetite or cravings. Some vegans become meat eaters and vice versa

~ Psychological changes: heightened awareness, sensitivity - to others' emotions, ability to pick up on things others cannot

~ Deeper perception of the spiritual self, connection to the divine 

~Visions, dreams heavily symbol-laden

~ New depths of creativity or sudden desire to be creative

~ New "gifts" of seeing and expression

~ Anxiety, bouts of depression, "dark night of the soul" 

~ Some mental illnesses are misdiagnosed Kundalini

~ Feelings of overwhelming bliss and "oneness" and sometimes overwhelming fear and loss of control

~ Sense of "another" presence within the self. 


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Kundalini Book

I will be releasing a book about Kundalini energy.

The book will be a compilation of real stories from people who have undergone a Kundalini awakening.


Many books and reference materials which are available today do not appeal to the fact that Kundalini only happens to regular people with regular lives. Much of the material out there is soaked in

spiritual jargon and is inaccessible to those of us who need support and

guidance. My goal is to create a resource which will use plain language to

describe this mysterious phenomenon, and to highlight, through the wide

variety of stories, what can happen during the process. I hope to find

common elements which people have found aided or hindered their

journey, so that the reader can try out their own combination and find ease

and comfort. Finally, I wish to provide a wide array of personal and professional


The book is yet untitled. 

If you would like to submit to be a part of this, see below. 

Submission Guidelines

~ Kundalini story must be your own personal experience. Please make sure to discuss what your symptoms and phenomena were/are somewhere in the narrative. Can be any length as long as it is your real, sincere story.


~ Must not contain any real names of any other people unless they consent - otherwise, please use pseudonyms

~ Along with your story, please send a list of foods, activities and habits which helped or hindered your Kundalini process.  For example: some vegetarians are called to eat meat, some people who do yoga find it too intense and need to stop, some people begin making artwork, etc. 

~ If you wish to have your real name published, please let me know if you would be willing to have any contact information published in the 5th section of the book for correspondence with readers. If you wish to be anonymous, please provide a pseudonym, and your contact information will not be provided. 

~ If you are contributing artwork, please include your name, a high resolution photo of the image, and any contact information you would like provided.

Please go to the "Contact" page on this site to submit to the book.