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Celestial Bodies and serpentfire tarot Update

Dear beloved customers + supporters,

Devany and Sarah here, your resident SERPENTFIRE ladies. We hope that the ending of 2020 has been more gentle than the beginning, and that you are looking forward to hitting the refresh button, to some degree, in the new year.

For us, it has been a very strange year, and has gotten stranger as it has progressed.

We just received an update from our supplier on the state of the Celestial Bodies and serpentfire tarot shipment. The cargo ship ran into some rough seas off the coast of Hawaii on its way to port in Oakland, California. What we have been told by the shipping company is that the ship rolled, and nearly 1900 cargo containers went overboard “...about 1,600 nautical miles northwest of Hawaii when the vessel reportedly sailed into a severe storm cell. Thousands more containers appeared damaged.” We don't yet know the full extent of the damage.

This has been reported as the "worst cargo shipping disaster" since 2013, and we, at SERPENTFIRE, are unlucky enough to have our cargo on that very ship.

See below photos.

In the intonation of Chandler Bing, “Could this BE any more 2020?”

I hope you were able to crack a smile there. Since we found out about this, we’ve been trying to find any humour in this Mother Nature disaster (coming right on the heels of Mother Nature’s other disaster that has impacted our business this year, the pandemic) - but it’s been tough, because for me (Dev) this business - and this Celestial Bodies project - are my BABIES and I hate that it has been beset with delays and now, potentially, some ill fortune. It makes us both feel seasick, as we don’t want to disappoint you, our amazing, lovely supporters.

So, this is the quick and dirty.

We don’t yet know the status of our particular shipping container. Containers are being counted as the ship resumes its journey across the Pacific in order to make good time. Chances are (and they are quite high), that the SERPENTFIRE container is on the ship still, and we are only one month behind delivery schedule. But -- in the very unlucky chance that our container is now at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, or badly damaged, we are now working with our amazing manufacturer to make a replacement batch of CB and serpentfire. She Wolfe and Sigil were already slated to be printed, so all decks would go to print simultaneously. They would, in this worst case scenario, all ship out simultaneously as well. Due to the timing, however, all decks would be printed at the beginning of March when our manufacturer returns from their Chinese New Year. So there will be a bit of a wait, which we certainly wish wasn't the case.

But if it is, we will be ensuring that you are rewarded for your patience here - as we understand that the preorder process for Celestial Bodies took longer than anticipated due to Dev’s health taking a bad turn this year. We will be following up as soon as possible with more info on our rewards of gratitude, and status of the shipment. As soon as we know, you will know.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have pre-ordered CB and have been supportive of this journey. 2020 has presented some unique challenges for our business and so many of them have been outside of our control. The universe tests us in unique ways, and while this has been the biggest test yet, we will absolutely do all we can to ensure you feel taken care of.

With love, respect and gratitude,

Devany and Sarah


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