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Celestial Oracles: June 17 - 22

A week of transformative astrology lies before us. We begin on Monday with the Full Moon in Sagittarius which arrives at 4:31 a.m. EST. Full Moons are always a moment of release, as the energy built up from the previous lunar cycle now comes to a roaring deluge of cosmic culmination. The fact that this Full Moon arrives on Monday, the Moon’s day, makes it extra potent.

Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, learning, and the cultivation of spiritual and intellectual expansion. With the Moon full in Sagittarius, we are deconstructing old belief systems so that we can make room for higher, more aligned opportunities. We can think of it as a cosmic leveling up, or just see this as what it is - a gorgeous opportunity to turn away from the old narrative and embrace what’s next. 

On Tuesday the 18th, Saturn will sextile Neptune, which is a major planetary aspect that happens three times this year. This is the second time these planets make contact. The last time will come in November. With the planet of discipline empowering the planet of intuition, we are able on this day to make empowered choices that reflect what’s best for our souls, and are able to find spiritual growth in the process. The translation of wild dream to detailed plan, or at least a killer to-do list, is to be expected. 

Wednesday, June 19th, fines Mars and Mercury meeting up in Cancer, and together they strike a taunting opposition to Pluto. This is a day of intense temper, a bit of an obsessive, focused vibe. Be mindful of your heart, it very well may cause some sharp words to leap out. 

The Moon faces off with Uranus on Thursday, making this a day of erratic emotions. We are working out the balance between harmony and discord, and finding space for new ways of dealing with our emotional turbulence. It’s not easy, though, so do try to take extra good care of yourself on this day. 

On Friday the Sun enters Cancer, initiating Cancer season, as well as the Summer Solstice! We have our longest day of sunshine in the Northern Hemisphere, as spring comes to a close and summer begins. This is a fertile time, full of solar power. On that same day Neptune stations retrograde, bringing us clarity around what we’ve been deluding ourselves about, and giving us an opportunity to engage a renewed sense of healing, which brings in a connection to the truth. 

Sparks fly on Saturday between the Moon and Uranus, making this an erratic but inspired day for our emotions. Trying something new and strange, something that opens your eyes to the future, is recommended at this time. 

Aries + Aries Rising 

As the cosmic ram, the god of war is always on your shoulder. Though you’re always ready for a good fight, there are things that need to fall away at this time in terms of your approach to control. This week finds you and your ruling planet tested by hidden power struggles. If you’re feeling exposed, which you very well may be, remember that the way to grow is oftentimes to fail. The Full Moon asks you to release a past cycle of unhelpful philosophies. You are guiding your heart toward the next level of experience; don’t slow down just yet. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

Turbulence is not your thing, sweet Taurus, but this week, you are asked to dive deep into your own personal underworld, as the Full Moon lights up a very private and sensitive part of your chart. Finding ways to root into this confusion, engaging it so that it can be released, is what is being asked of you. Friday brings warmth, this week, as the Moon supports Venus, your ruling planet. Remember that without night, there is no day. Each flower you love goes through phases of release, pruning back, and then finding their full bloom again. 

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

You may find yourself vacillating, dear Gemini, between extremes. Your season is winding down, and in these final days, fresh lessons about your needs, your dreams, are coming up for evaluation. The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your house of partnership and justice. Releasing from old ways of relating to those in your midst will bring growth. You are capable of seeing opposites simultaneously. Remember that you need to give as much as you get, and vice versa, in order to feel safe, secure, and seen. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

This week brings a cosmic ripple to your heart, as the Sun enters Cancer on Friday, and we celebrate the Summer Solstice. The day is long and bright, and you my dear are contending with questions of self-love. Now that the Sun shines in your sign, you can see your body. You are the bravest cultivator of your own routines and rituals. You are the one who gives selflessly to others. Celebrating this power this week, you find yourself blooming. If you can get to a body of water, try to do so. She is your mother, and you are a spirit of the Moon. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

Though you’re famous for your roar, this week we find you changing your tune. The Full Moon in Sagittarius says that you must relinquish old forms of self-expression. At this point it is likely you’ve realized that certain approaches to language, social connection, and love just don’t suit you anymore. You can be a bit resistant to change, as you trust what you know. But this week, if you can find a new way to sing out for yourself, you’ll find a whole new universe that is ripe for exploration. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

You are a skilled master of cultivating a comfortable and nurturing private space, which is an extension of your marvelous empathy and attention to detail. This week you are asked to release old expectations of what home and family look like. All that happens in private affects us out in public. You build your own foundation for success in the world by living peacefully at home. If you can find ways to say goodbye to old notions of belonging, you’ll find that there is so much available to you that you hadn’t seen before. Just because something is familial doesn’t mean its required. Release old family pain, and begin to plant your own roots. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

Conversation lights you up, dear Libra, and you do a lot of emotional labor these days. This week, the planets are asking you to step back from old modes of communication, as you likely do a lot of equivocating on behalf of other people. You are a cardinal sign, you are adept at starting as many fires as anyone else. Find ways to begin to be firmer with those in your midst. Your heart will thank you. You don’t always have to be the softest one in the room. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

Though you’re very direct in your critique, there is a very gentle side of you that revels in the lushness of sensory experience. This week asks you to make decisions about what gives you pleasure, how, and why. And then, what are you doing with that sense of stimulation? How do you translate that energy? It is time to step back from easy, automatic approaches to gratification. Be mindful of your temper this week, Mars and Pluto, your ruling planets, face off on Wednesday, and bring up old pain. Remember that you have the ability to transform any situation, and move toward a new understanding of the here and now. Material reality can be overwhelming, but this week your attention should be focused here. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Happy Full Moon, sweet Sagittarius! This week finds you feeling reinvented, reborn, and relaunched. It is a beautiful time to release yourself from old notions of “self,” ones you likely have grown up, out, and away from anyway. Like a snake shedding her skin, it is time to leave the shell of the old self behind. New emotional pathways are available to you now, as the Full Moon aligns with Jupiter on Monday. Loose those arrows over the horizon. They’ll find their mark. 

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

How are you feeling, Capricorn? This week it is important for you to find time to rest. The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up the house of healing, dreams, and intuition in your chart, and it is now time for you to take a step back and observe exactly how far you’ve come. Finding appreciation for your gifts will bring calm clarity. The Sun enters Cancer on Friday, which means the Sun is opposite yours at the moment. Questions of ego, identity, and body may emerge. Remember your unique ability to thrive and grow in chaos. Find earth connection in times of unrest. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

With the summer beginning, you’re finding yourself extroverted this week, and way more in the spotlight than normal. Connecting with friends and like-minded collaborators this week brings growth, as the Full Moon lights up your house of friendship. Releasing old ways of seeing yourself in the group, or old ways of relating to the concept of community, will bring growth for you this lunation. Through this, you’ll find a revamped approach to selfhood. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

This week finds you empowered, as Saturn supports Neptune, your ruling planet, helping you translate your wildest dreams into rational plans. The Full Moon in Sagittarius awakens a public, visible, career-oriented part of your chart, asking you to do away with old notions of success, failure, and reputation. You are unique, and in this lifetime need to become comfortable with the fact that you can call your own shots. Let old fear of being seen fall away. You’re ready for what’s next, have no fear. 

Written by Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology

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