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Celestial Oracles ~ July 7th-13th, 2019

And now we hover, caught squarely between summer’s heady eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. Last week’s New Moon in Cancer brought us indications of the route up ahead, the one we’re meant to move through, to tread boldly. But even so, this week is a time for listening, for pause, and for patience as we wait for next week’s Full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. 

We’re not short on planetary action though, as Mercury stations retrograde on Sunday at 4° Leo. Mercury just entered Leo on June 26th, but will now slip back into Cancer, ending his retrograde at 23° in the sign of the crab. Conversations, thoughts, messages, emails, texts, lovers, and arguments from June 20th to early July will reappear for an opportunity to reconnect. Yes, Mercury retrograde poses difficulties for tech, travel, and communication. It is also a time of reset, return, and remembering. Approach this retrograde with the mindset that this is a time to reassess, and keep your third ear open for messages from beyond. This is as close to a time machine as we’ll likely get. 


Five planets now are retrograde. With Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all retracing their steps in the cosmos, we should follow suit. We are waiting for information to reveal itself, and will have to be a patient for a while more.  


The Moon waxes through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius this week, and we are growing in emotional connectivity in our partnerships, growing in closeness to our psyches, and cultivating the gardens of our spiritual and philosophical minds. All together now. 

Monday is a busy day, as the Moon sextiles Mercury and Mars which are conjunct in fiery Leo. Emotions are attuned to memories from the past, and there is a sense of conviction here, a touch of hot bravery. Venus connects with Uranus, bringing surprises to our ideas of love and value. Keep an open mind on this day, Uranus may bring you flowers from the future. 

On Tuesday we are caught between two poles, one of expansion and one of restriction. The Moon sextiles Jupiter, and our hearts are large and warm. Jupiter is the planet of optimistic growth, and here we are supported in chasing our dreams. At the same time, the Moon will square off with the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto, bringing tension and a touch of darkness, or disconnect, to our emotions. Remember that you are on a particular path for a reason. This is a good day for practicing breathwork, if that is accessible to you. 

The Moon in Scorpio squares Mercury and Mars on Wednesday, suggesting a bit of a communication block, but at the same time, the Sun trines Neptune, guardian of fantasy, empathy, and intuition. We can tap into this energy today through meditation, play, and music. The Moon’s trine to Pluto digs up deep emotions from our own personal underworld. 

On Thursday we experience a bolt of lightning — Mars squares Uranus. This is a huge creative windfall for us all, as the planet of action is supercharged by the planet of invention. This will be an amazing day for putting your weirdest visions down on paper, speaking them aloud, and pursuing them in your actions. Bravery is rewarded, as is experimentation. There will also be a beautiful grand trine between the Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Moon in Scorpio. There is an emotional current underlying everything that is here to support you.

Trust it. 

We continue to feel brave and bold on Friday as the Moon trines Mercury and Mars in Leo. Do keep an eye out for repeating patterns in your heart and in your actions, as Mercury retrograde makes aspects to the Moon and Mars. On Saturday a lucky connection between the Moon and Jupiter encourages us to seek widely, expand our vision of what’s possible, and to feed our minds. 

Aries + Aries Rising 

Connecting yourself to the world around you, you feel a certain pull back toward yourself. Reaching out is always an effort, and this week you are asked to consider the value of keeping things all to yourself. There is a place inside your heart that is green and thriving. Opening its windows lets love in. This week your bravery takes a step sideways. Fill your lungs with a memory, and then breathe it out. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

Concerning yourself with rituals of being, you find that routine is often a kind of medicine. Within the confines of your favorite structures, you are able to find vitality, as well as the freedom you secretly crave. Connecting with a like minded bull brings an answer. This week brings deep travel in your dreams, which you should always remember are as important as your waking hours. 

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

Never short on words, my dear, this week you are in the thick of things. Your planetary ruler goes retrograde, and all may fall quiet for a brief moment, but there will be a new cacophony soon enough. Allow yourself time to retrace your steps. You got here somehow, some way before this exact moment you made the choice to arrive. Ground into the earth to find an answer. Keep a mirror in your pocket, you always need a twin. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

If you’re likened to a hearth, you may find yourself scoffing, but it is true, you provide many of us with warmth. The Moon traverses private spaces of your mind this week, calling you home, wherever that may be. Senses wedded to self-expression are kindled, sparked, and excited, as in the space of your ever widening heart, you find joy in connecting to the body. Nervousness may flit across your face. Hold clear quartz for confirmation of your light. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

Language is always close at hand for you, and this week you wear it like a gown. Elaborate are the buttons that enclose you, but look, one is missing at the very center. Mercury turns your energy upside down this week, as he reverses in your sign conjunct Mars, god of war. Though you may lose your footing for a moment, remember the power of your voice, your lion song. It is your greatest gift, and will not abandon you, no matter what Mercury tells you. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

In summer the senses come to life, to light. Are you contained in your own spaces? You are meant to be tangled in vines of pure ivy, immersed in forest, bathed in earth. This week brings a chance to reconnect with this sense of self, as your ruling planet flips around and changes focus. What’s bubbled up from the edge of late June? Take note, remember your wits, and you won’t lose any of your grace this retrograde. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

An alive, enlivening golden sense of self-love can arrive, should you leave the door open a crack in the evening. Fresh air floods new spaces, as the Moon renews your sense of self early this week. You can revamp your expectations, dear spirit, you can change your mind again. The message this week is to trust these cycles of being, and to remember to speak back to the void. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

You’ve labored and fought, locked eyes with your shadow, and now it’s come time to do what you know perhaps best of all — it is time to reset. The Moon draws you inward this week, to low places of psyche. There is fertility at the bottom of the sea-floor, we just can’t see it with the naked eye. After journeys through dark places, heroes and heroines return to the light. Fresh self awaits you, my chthonic darling. You are the phoenix who lights her own fuse. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

The ways in which you’ve come to see yourself are suggesting routes to expansion. Like minded people along the way are interested in your words, your energy is enticing to them. Create space after conversation for your own personal escape. There cannot always be daylight. This week you are asked to acknowledge the power of your brilliant connections, and to harmonize that with your sense of private strength.


Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

The cosmos has her eye on you, does this make you squirm or sing? Certain questions posed now seem to hold more weight than usual, and as you are being prepared for the Full Capricorn Moon’s heavy flush, you’re gathering flowers from the past. Intimate connection with those who see you for who you are brings strength this week, as is remembering the power to say “no” to that which stretches you too thin. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

Sparkling wit and wry grins are part and parcel of your way in this world, and this week you find extra reasons to bloom. The corners of your mind seek to expand, to rush like water over the rocky terrain of this life. Let it happen. Questions from strangers push you into new territory with your career, your calling, and your ability to make a meaningful impact. There are plans bigger than all of us unfolding, and this week your input is crucial. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

Myths show the power of holding space for darkness and light, and as the twinned fish you are equipped to do just this. Your heart is blue and ancient and holds more answers than you think. Taking time to spiral inward down moss-covered stone steps shows you the way forward. The walls of your psyche pulsate with song, and draw you back up and out into the daylight. Your memories are part of the present. Weave them together as only you know how, this will guide you for the time being. 

Written by Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology

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