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Celestial Oracles ~ June 10-16th, 2019

Celestial Oracles June 10 - 16

This week Venus undresses from the velvet green cloaks of Taurus and, wreathed in myrtle, strides into Gemini’s palace of wind. With the planet of love and values shifting energetic expression from fixed earth to mutable air, our sense of love moves from the material and finds expression in the suggestive. Venus in Gemini reminds us to shape our love after the air. Don’t let it rest, just yet. Venus will be in Gemini through July 4, and in this period of time we will be like magpies, collecting objects for our shrines to love. Lunar energies this week focus our hearts on partnerships, deep rooted truths, and expansive exploration, as the Moon moves through Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. Our heart stands now in relation to the other, the underworld, and the heavenly. 

Monday empowers us to uncover something dark, even painful or hidden, as the Moon trines Pluto, and the Sun opposes Jupiter. Opportunities here for opening up abound, but keep close watch on yourself, and be mindful of not getting carried away. Speaking the truth is the best medicine early this week, do not be afraid. Wednesday brings us lessons in expansion and contraction, as the Moon squares off with task-master Saturn, and dark lord Pluto, but also forms an energized sextile to Jupiter and trines the Sun. For us earthlings, this means that we are being taught something like “growth comes from restriction.” The push and pull of light and dark is close at hand, and offers new avenues to growth and transformation. 

Thursday will be a day of  bravery, invention, swift word, and able tongue, as the Moon trines Mercury, Neptune, and Mars. This is a beautiful day for communication that springs from the heart, as well as any kind of poetic endeavor, or projects that require a good deal of physical energy. A sparkling sextile to Saturn inspires us to make great strides toward achieving self-mastery. Sunday invites something new, as Mercury trines Neptune and the Moon rests conjunct Jupiter. This is a reminder that empathy and art are key components to growth, expansion, and cultivation of the self. This week’s astrology is like a key that unlocks several doors at once, that is, if we are brave enough to speak the truth while turning the key in our warm hands. 

Aries + Aries Rising 

For you, the point of beginning is always the fire at your crown. There are questions here for you about the distance between yourself and others, yourself and your dreams, yourself and your heart. This week, find strength to push through challenges to your sense of self. You have the power to be inventive, to harness Mars in service of the unconscious, in service of empathy, and in service of your goals. Your curved horns are strong enough to break stone. Remember that you are not pressing forward in isolation. This is a week of cultivating the collective, in service of your own growth. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

There is a need for organization at this time, you’re casting about for all the missing pieces and are wondering what it will all amount to. Have faith in the fact that, under the careful eyes of Venus, you have all you need to move forward. Rhythms of the body are cyclic, so is time. So is the relation we have to dream and waking, to limitation and abundance. Knowing that there is flux, that we move from one wave to the next, is key this week. You are not stalled, you are on your way. Carry rose quartz as a reminder of your own heart. 

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

It’s unlike you to not have anything to say, but this week suggests that there is power to be gained by listening. Duality is key for you, and understanding the depths and heights of language, expression, and emotion is a normal part of your routine. This week starts off blocked, but gives way to harmonious flow. Your intellect is connected to your intuition, and there is a Mercurial, Neptunian grace awaiting you. The flow of things is such that right now, silence says more than song. There is always the internal voice. Listen. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

Building your home on a stony tide-pool seems to be your best bet this week, as you withdraw from the scene and direct your thoughts inward. You are wise to do so at this time, as there is a lush opportunity this week to merge with the truth. At the core of experience lies both fertility and pain. The trick is figuring out a way to transmute the jaggedness into something healed, whole, and moving. Under pressure coal becomes diamond. These blocks you sense are the pathway to innovation, and you must face them head on. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

When we are young, we are unable to cultivate the circumstances of our learning, our security, and our self-expression. Now that you’re older, you are able to set those stakes, and make known what your requirements are in love and learning. You can create your own sacred life. This week you hear echoes of what you think abundance might be, but it is only a faint glimmer, a suggestion. Catch as many of those thoughts as possible, and take note. You are building your future, bit by bit. Have no fear. Beneficence comes back around, soon enough. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

What is the definition of a resource? Your mind is sharp and always moving, but have you spent time connecting with how you set your terms, and why? Do you understand your own value system, or is it one that you’ve inherited, absorbed, or simply accepted from someone else? This week you’re coming to terms with the fact that what lies before you may not actually be your own. Parse out all the details, you are more than capable of this. Keep your heart and third-eye open—messages from Neptune and Mercury shine forth, meeting you in dream, begging for your own unique language. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

The sense of self is so very delicate, and for you, always filtered through the sounds and movements of other people. You need to remember that yes, you are a member of a whole, a collective, but your impact in the group is only as meaningful as your own connection to your own self. This week asks you to revisit your sense of exactly who you are and why. This week, the Moon empowers you to momentarily step away from the group, and sit with yourself. Balance is a Venusian task, and you are adept in this realm. You will return to the others when you have worked out exactly what it is you need most. Don’t deny yourself this gift. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

Not one to shy away from an honorable fight, you are feeling like energies are coalescing around your core right now, daring you to strike. Heavy conversations turn to activated emotions, and the desire to burn a bridge (or seven) may be rising up. There are many ways forward, and you can choose whichever suits your needs. I would ask, though, that you consider the reality of the matter, and remember your own bravery. True power is expressed, sometimes, by purposeful restraint. Though there is pressure building, you have the ability to lead, to innovate, and to master through balance rather than war. Hold citrine in meditation to remind yourself of the warmth and flexibility of your own heart. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Out in the world, friends are calling your name, and you are eager to shout into the void with them, in camaraderie and joy. Blessings come to you this week in the form of openness. The unlocking of a gate around a garden, the warmth that emanates from true joviality—these things are available to you now. If you’re feeling far from this, you must take a moment to rest. Lunar energies are always moving, and can overactive your spirit. Remember that you can take a moment for yourself. The world won’t forget you, and will be right where you left it when you return. 

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

You have carved a clear path to the top of the mountain, and in dreams, light emanates from your solar plexus. The transitions we experience this week find you first triumphant and then perhaps left with some questions. How did we get to the top of this mountain again? And how do we get back down? You are being asked to do some serious innovation, self-invention, and work around communicating with the group this week, my dear. It is important for you to remain focused on the future. Saturn rewards diligence. Work hard this week, and let yourself find rest by Saturday, when the Moon asks you to recharge. Selenite under your pillow brings harmonious sleep. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

Curiosity is a hallmark of your shimmering personality, and this week, there is much to learn. It is evident that you can put in as much hard work as anyone else, there may be a few things you haven’t considered yet about your situation. Are you being as inventive as possible, or is there something that holds you back? Saturn, one of your rulers, asks for slow and methodical mastery of a task, while your other ruler, Uranus, demands energetic innovation. Spend time in meditation this week over the limits of your work. See if you can’t push past your own horizon, just a little bit further. What you find there connects you back to yourself, and to the world at large. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

What lurks in the sweetness of your dark dreams, my dear? You are no stranger to watery depth, and this week finds you in some emotionally uncharted territory. But there is bravery, invention, and genuine discovery on the horizon. New ways of relating to your intuition, one of your strongest senses, are revealing themselves to you, if you listen. There is a high chance of poetic inspiration this week, as well as some groundbreaking realization. Let your heart guide you. If you get backed into a corner, remember the element of water. It flows continually, it has no master. You are soft but you are brave, and there is nothing that stops you from growing past the limits of other people’s words. 

Written by Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology

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