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Celestial Oracles ~ June 23-29, 2019

The Moon wanes this week.

After last week’s bright Full Moon in Sagittarius, the light of our emotional luminary fades, reeling back in her transformative force. The Moon moves this week from Pisces to Gemini, attuning our hearts and minds to themes of healing and integration, explorations of identity, sensuality, and intellect. Where can you make room for yourself in these areas of your own life?

What can be loosened, set free, as we move through the week? We are making our way to July 2nd’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, and as we unravel, we should remember to part ways with heavy baggage of the past. Change is available to us if we answer that distant song on the horizon. 

Last week’s astrology was seriously one for the books, and this week we are granted a brief respite, as long as we keep working on charting our own path before the eclipses arrive.

Sunday evening’s gentle connection between the Moon and Neptune finds us in a dreamy and gentle state of mind, as emotion billows like soft water between these two planets. Listening to your favorite record, painting, journaling, reading and writing poetry is all advised at this time. 

Monday sees the Moon enter Aries, attuning us to questions of selfhood and self-image. Understanding who you are, who you are meant to be, will seem more relevant at this time. The Moon will spark a sextile to Pluto, while trining Mercury and Mars. We are being supported at this time to dig up important truths, to bring them out into the light for awareness, and so that we can move forward. 

Tuesday has a nervous tone, as the Moon squares off with the Sun, marking some discord between the heart and ego. This day is the last quarter Moon before the eclipse next week, and is a perfect day for any kind of cord-cutting, releasing, unburdening that you need to attend to. When Mercury enters Leo on the 26th, our communicative sense will be bathed in fire. Mercury in Leo stimulates tons of chatterbox energy, with a healthy dose of optimistic self-love. Conversations will be bright, loud, and warm. 

On Thursday the 27th the Moon enters Taurus, coming to rest conjunct Uranus, planet of shock and inventive insight. The Sun also strikes a sextile to Uranus on Thursday, encouraging us to take strides towards freedom. On Friday the 28th the Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Jupiter, signaling to us that we are supported in expanding our horizons if we have a proper plan in place. On Saturday we’ll find ourselves digging deep, as the Moon trines Pluto, lord of the underworld and shadow self, and sextiles Mercury/Mars. We’re taking action and finding new ways to let go of the past. 

Aries + Aries Rising 

These days it seems as though everything you think gets expressed, one way or another. The relationship between thought and action is merged, intense, even a bit more forceful than usual. If lately you’re finding yourself speaking up and out, I wonder if you are comfortable in this zone. What are you discovering through this passage of time? How are your days impacted by your use of language? Connection to self comes from connection to center. Make sure your words come from the core, rather than somewhere else in your atmosphere. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

Nostalgia is heavy in the air as the Moon winds down her path of light. And you, dear bull, find yourself in position of extroversion and wanting to hide. So much power comes from connecting with like-minded people these days. Your perspective is necessary, but only empowers you and those around you if your message is appreciated. In times of social pressure, make sure you are spending time with those who see you, not those you think need to see you. 

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

You’re feeling visible, Gemini, even a bit boisterous or celebratory. This time of year lights up your sense of self, and you deserve all the good laughs and sweet glances you’re getting along the way. This week, think about your relationship between thought and action. Mercury, your ruler and Mars are traveling together, and as a pair they can be a dynamic duo, a force for change. Your perspective now has the power to change narratives, both for yourself and for the collective. Keep being exactly you. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

With the Moon, your ruler, waning this week, you may find yourself feeling like you want to retreat a bit, and this impulse should be honored. These days there are many questions on your mind—where are you going? What does visibility in this world even mean? Who can you rely on? Your season is always one of nostalgia and connection. Return to yourself to find alignment before the eclipse, and then move out from there. Take your time. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

When confronted with glimmers of the past, you may find yourself in denial. It’s difficult to find space for all that’s transpired, even though your heart is so big. Finding gentle engagement with the shadow brings transformative perspective. The Sun, your ruler, connects with Uranus this week, asking you how you can reimagine the future. If you are tired from constant self-invention, please don’t fret. You don’t need to upend everything all at once. All the planets ask is that you start to peek around the corners of this life a little bit. Something else may be waiting for you. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

You are so adept, my dear, and capable of handling whatever life throws at you. But this week, the planets suggest that you revisit questions of compromise and partnership in order to find a fresh path forward. With your ruling planet, Mercury, traveling conjunct Mars this week, you may have more fire in you than usual. Use it to carve a fresh channel in the earth. You are in charge of your own life. Remember your worth, that you need to get as much as you give. Remember that you deserve your time in the Sun. From affirmation comes reality. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

Keeping track of everything and everyone at all times does not suit you, my dear. This week asks you to reconnect with health practices, rituals, and truths, so that your physical form can be as vital as your brilliant mind. You’re the sign of balance, but we both know that you’re as prone to excess as the most unbalanced of signs. Though there is nothing wrong with Dionysian revelry, this week is a good time to ask yourself where you stand in relation to your own self, and to try to find ways to bring your personal truths into sharper focus. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

You live in a world where people constantly make demands of your time — or at least that’s how it feels these days. After last week’s tense astrology that saw your two rulers, Mars and Pluto, face each other down in tense opposition, you may be feeling the urge to dissolve, or to retreat. The world is putting pressure on you right now, but in the process is asking you to clarify your own voice, your own needs, and your own connection to your psyche. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

This week finds you trying to tie up loose ends around the home, and things you previously thought were taken care of now rear their heads. There is more work to be done. In the meantime, finding ways to navigate what will likely be an emotional week for you is key. What are your strategies for self-care, self-regulation? How often do you find yourself lashing out versus hiding? Do you bottle emotion to the breaking point? Finding space for yourself amidst your own mind can be trying, but this week that is what is in order. 

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

Thinking is one of your strong suits, sweet Capricorn, and this week finds you being tasked with the job of doing away with some intellectual baggage. The Moon is waning, and moves through your chart in such a way that the energy this week is oriented around your mind, your relationship to home, and your sense of creativity. How you balance these this week will be the foundation for future growth, as we move past the eclipse next week. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

Last week’s astrology saw you step into a new role, a higher vibration of your own true self. This week, you’re being asked to go over your notes to make sure there’s nothing being left out. All of this transformational stuff, these growing pains, is building toward a release for you. Finding new ways to cultivate a connection to the body, the mind, and the home-space is really important for you this week. Behind the scenes work is as valid as the work you do in front of the world. Take good care of what you’re building in private, as that is the terra firma of your public success. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

The Moon shimmers in your sign early this week, connecting you to your emotional core. You are the sign of psychic power, but this week’s astrology asks you to get a little more grounded. How can you redefine your relationship to self? What are your intellectual goals? Do you understand the home you’ve cultivated for yourself, and why? Make time to answer these questions, and you’ll find some junk to clear out of the dark corners of your heart. The answers to these inquiries form the basis of your eclipse experience next week. 

Written by Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology for serpentfire

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