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Celestial Oracles ~ June 30-July 6th, 2019

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

As the Moon’s light dims before the New Moon solar eclipse, we are in a period of winding down an old, tired narrative. This week gives us lots of opportunities for release, initiation, and integration, all thanks to some powerful astrology. On Sunday the Moon squares off with Neptune, draping the evening air with more questions than answers, more confusion than clarity, as Neptune’s foggy ways wash over the Moon. Monday is a warm and emotionally present day, as the Moon conjuncts Venus, planet of sensual experience. Mars dashes into proud Leo, bringing heat, passion, and a touch of vanity to our approach to conflict for the next few weeks. 

Tuesday brings us the New Moon in Cancer, clocking in at 10°. This New Moon is unique because it is conjunct the North Node, which means it is also an eclipse. The Moon’s nodes are not planets, but rather they are mathematical points derived from where the Moon’s path of orbit crosses the ecliptic, the orbit of the Sun. The North Node has a partner, the South Node, and together they represent our karmic path forward (North Node) and accumulated karmic baggage that must be evacuated (South Node) in order for us to grow. 

This year the Nodes are in Cancer/Capricorn, and with the North Node in Cancer we are pushed to embrace a feeling of nurturing, restorative emotional connection, mothering ourselves and others. The vibe is matriarchal for sure. We are pushed to release old structural attachments, everything from beaurocratic organization to how we organize our days needs to be revamped. Out with the old patriarchy and in with the maternal, Cancerian, matriarchy. 

Looking to the house ruled by Cancer in your chart gives information about what area of life will be stimulated by the New Moon solar eclipse. This is a place where a portal is opening for you, and adjustments are made in the cosmos to push you to the place you’re meant to be. I hope you have the power to walk through this doorway with clarity. 

On Wednesday the Moon opposes Saturn and Pluto, and conjuncts Mars. The feeling is combative, tense, restricted. Pressure is put on our hearts to make choices, to take action, and to release pain from the past. With the Moon trine Neptune there will be a touch of whimsy and confusion in the air. Venus enters Cancer on this day, and as she swims in the salt waters of this sign, she is peaceful, empathetic, and romantic. She’ll be here for the next few weeks, influencing a period of lovely connectivity for our friends and lovers. The Moon will be void-of-course for most of this day, promises made, paperwork signed, decisions settled on will likely have to be revisited in the future. Use this time to integrate and reflect. 

Thursday brings a connection between Mars and brainy Mercury, aligning our intellect with our emotional intelligence. The Moon will square Uranus, bringing shocks to our sense of self-expression, and inviting in strangers from distant places. On Friday no exact planetary aspects will be made, and this is a lovely time to check in with yourself about your New Moon experience. What is shifting? What is present? The Moon will be in Virgo, bringing a focus to the material, to the body, and to rhythms of health and wellness. 

On Saturday the Moon enthusiastically meets Venus, letting our emotional senses bloom radically. A trine from Uranus also helps us envision a future, one that is progressive and totally of our own design. Dream deeply, widely, and as fantastically as possible. 

Aries + Aries Rising 

You are feeling ablaze this week as your ruling planet, Mars, marches proudly into Leo. Renewal comes in many forms. Use this powerful warmth to cultivate the change you seek around your use of language, and your sense of power that you draw from your foundation. The eclipse ushers in a new narrative around your relationship to home, family, ancestry, and your private self. The freedom you seek must be grounded by something nourishing. Move from this space with awareness. 

Taurus + Taurus Rising 

This week your ruler enters Cancer, sign of the lunar womb. Here your ruler is comfortable, and blooms magnificently in the presence of the crab, making the next few weeks sweet and warm for you. You are adept at cultivating security for yourself and others, but there is something to be learned or accessed through your mode of intellectual expression. The eclipse opens up a new pathway of thinking, speaking, writing, and learning for you. This is a time of growth, new opportunities to connect with teachers in your community will bring you to the next place. 

Gemini + Gemini Rising 

Focusing on the little things builds a foundation for true growth this week, as the Moon is in your sign, sweet Gemini, and wanders through foundational spaces of possessions, community, and family through the rest of the week. How are you tending to the details of your private life? The eclipse invigorates a narrative of serious re-evaluation of your resources, money, possessions, and your value system itself. Make sure that what you’re bringing in deserves a place in your heart. 

Cancer + Cancer Rising 

With Venus entering Cancer this week, you may find that you feel like the goddess herself. If you’re not, this is a gentle reminder that you can give yourself permission to be luxuriant and expansive. She lives within you for the next few weeks. The eclipse in Cancer is highly significant for you, as it lights up a portal to your own true self. Your sense of identity is undergoing construction, and you are being transformed at this point, so that you can begin showing up as your most aligned self. 

Leo + Leo Rising 

With Mars striding into Leo this week, you’ll find yourself bold, brave, and a bit feisty, as the planet of war invigorates your solar perspective. While this is definitely powerful for you, the New Moon in Cancer has other plans. Lighting up a very private and introverted part of your chart, you are being summoned to pay close attention to your own personal dreamscape, and are invited to find healing from within. Engaging your own unconscious brings insight, and draws you closer to the collective spirit. 

Virgo + Virgo Rising 

Focus now on matters of public life, there is fertility here for you this week. Keep your mind clear and open, ready to receive support and acknowledgement from your peers, and messages will come to you. The eclipse awakens new opportunities for you in the public sphere, and asks you to build new connections with like-minded people who share your vision of the future. This will bring a fresh path to work that you find fulfilling on both a spiritual and emotional level. Utopia draws nearer every day, but we must do the work to facilitate its arrival. 

Libra + Libra Rising 

Your heart wanders this week from many high places, as you ponder your connection to your intellect, your place in public life, and your social connections. Many answers seem obscured at this point, and this is a moment of turning inward for you. Remember the Hermit, and seek inner guidance. The eclipse opens doorways for you and your career, and you are finally able to feel like you’re arriving. 

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising 

You’re no stranger to the underworld, my darling, and this week the Moon wanders through those chthonic depths, orienting you to shadowy truths and lush personal observations. These reflections in turn find a way to be filtered through how others see you. Pay careful attention to your heart and what she needs. The eclipse awakens a new pathway of learning, of connecting with a sense of spirituality, and language. If you can smell the breeze of faraway places, you’re on the right track. 

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising 

Sweet Sagittarius, how are your relationships these days? This week you’ll find an emphasized focus on the bonds that draw you near to some, and the boundaries you need to enforce with others. The eclipse awakens a portal to an intense and dark place in your chart, we can think of it as your own personal underworld. Entering this realm brings some anxiety, but at this time you are being asked to leave behind attachments to the purely physical, and engage genuinely with your own spirit. 

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising 

Rituals and rhythms are part of your process, and you are able to thrive because of the foundation you build for yourself. This week asks you to stay the course, to be faithful to routine. This will imbue you with bravery to face down some shadow emotion that requires your attention. The eclipse awakens a new narrative around partnership, around giving and receiving, and your own personal sense of justice. You can expand through teamwork, for sure, but making expectations clear will take you higher. 

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising 

This week is buzzy, busy, and chatty for you my dear, as the Moon awakens parts of your chart that have you speaking out, and seeking connection with others in your midst. The New Moon eclipses awakens your house of health and wellness, asking you to chart a new course for yourself and your body. Themes of service to the self, to the physical realm, will be strengthened now and repeated through the next few months. From a place of service to the self, you are able to serve and support other people, which is after all one of your heart’s deepest desires. You are on your way. 

Pisces + Pisces Rising 

You are mutable, bright, and flexible, but you cannot contain all archetypes. This week finds you tending to your roots, nurturing and nourishing them, and coming to some sweet realizations about your voice, your body, and your partnerships. With all of that said, you must relinquish the pressure to be all things to all people. The eclipse lights up a creative place in your chart, opening up a portal to renewed, reinvigorated self expression. Your voice is so important sweet Pisces. It is time to lift it up with the others. Fertility comes from your own unique vision, delivered with the bravery you do indeed possess. 

Written by Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology

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