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Kundalini and the Morphic Field

Today, November 6th, 2018, is the day of the Midterm Elections in the United States. A day that has been building up ever since the Presidential Election in 2016. Obviously there are countless reasons why there has been such a buildup to this day. So much focus has been placed, and there is an palpable amount of tension surrounding the outcome. It also has happened to fall just about on the nose of a very vibrant new moon in Scorpio, and Uranus dipping back into Aries, which is all about spiritual awakenings. All of a sudden this afternoon I descended into such a state of psychospiritual discomfort that I have come to know occasionally when things of this magnitude occur.

I don't live in the United States - but because of tapping into the Morphic Field, it doesn't matter. I unwittingly tap into it because of my Kundalini awakening.

A little backstory. (For the full thing, head over to the Kundalini page on my website).

In November of 2006, I had a full-blown spontaneous Kundalini awakening. I didn't know it at the time. I instead thought, in those moments, that my soul was tearing itself from my body, and I was dying. Little did I know that it was a form of ego-death that accompanies such an experience. I subsequently spent many months, and then years, in deep transformation. Often very uncomfortable, painful, and somehow quite beautiful.

Kundalini, once "aroused", never truly goes to sleep again. Like any intense spiritual awakening, it simply cannot - it's like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. However, the general trend (aka what many people seem to experience) is that once it has done its full run through, if you will, and exercised its agenda on the body/mind, it calms down, and the symptoms abate. It settles in a way. You are never truly "the same" again - and cannot return to your old life. But some manner of grounding occurs and a new normal arrives.

However, and this may be a relatively universal facet of the Kundalini'd existence - it seem inevitable that we are drawn and connected to the universal experience of all beings, especially if energy is being directed towards a certain cause.

The notion of the Morphic Field or Morphic Resonance is new to me, but makes perfect sense. It was brought to universal consciousness by Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and author of more than 85 scientific papers and 13 books. The Morphic Field discusses the frequencies and resonances of consciousness and how they affect people and spaces. Morph means "transforming" and morphs mean "fields of information" - combined, suggesting that energy fields may transform, and permeate, into our consciousness. The "memory" of a certain room in a home, for example, has a morphic field that may make the dweller feel a certain way. If you meditate alone at home for the first time, you may not feel that you get as far than as if you're in a meditation centre or temple. This is linked to the morphic field of the temple holding memories of many people having meditated there before, thus improving your skills.

Sensitive people, and / or those who have undergone spiritual awakenings, appear to have the ability to tap into these feelings - the permeative consciousness - of spaces, people, large world events, and cosmic transits. To varying degrees, there is an undeniable link between the experiencer and the resonance of the energy itself. As if being pulled into the vibration of the emotion, whether it be universal tension (today's feeling surrounding the election) or some kind of hyper-expansion (as with full moons) or lethargy (new moons) etc - the experiencer is inextricably drawn into a dance with the resonance, nearly becoming the resonance.

There have been cases, for example, of people feeling sick when there is deep, pervasive grief occurring for a large group of people in another part of the world. Clairsentience is perhaps a more well-known form of extra-sensory or psychic abilities that is essentially, in my opinion, tapping into the morphic field. Again - spaces that hold a certain energy, being able to pick up on how someone else is feeling, the emotional presence of spirits and other more mysterious energies.

The feelings are experienced by the body and emotions. They may seem to come out of nowhere, and happen for no good reason. It is thus easy to mistake them for other things - physical ailments of any kind - malaise, anxiety, sickness, hormonal shifts - etc. This holds true for Kundalini symptoms in general too (as outlined in the signs and symptoms section of the Kundalini page). Spiritual malaise that comes from deep internal metaphysical, psychospiritual shifting is nearly impossible to differentiate from "regular" physical malaise because both occur in the body and they both, well...feel crappy. The only way to really tell is by undergoing tests to rule out underlying disease causes. For example, a lot of the nervous system symptoms of Kundalini have no root cause such as MS, ALS, etc. Each test will turn up negative. If other Kundalini symptoms are being experienced, it's safe to say that's what is happening - not a disease.

The same goes for the morphic field. When there is no other explicable cause (as we so often need and want to glom onto explanations that are easy, provenly scientific and tangible) it is safe to say what we are experiencing is linked to our clairsentience.

It is not necessarily a pleasant thing to endure, at any given time. For me, it often includes a lot of muscle twitching, bubbling, strange headaches and pressures, and an almost maddening sensation of my cells expanding - each individual cell - filling with energy and feeling like they will all explode. During full moons, my body aches, and the full feeling arises, slightly differently - as though my cells are full of water that is gently pushing the membranes out more and more. I feel heavy and languorous. When countless people's attention is pointed towards a certain event it feels as though my spirit is being lifted from my body - I become weak, dissonant and completely at the mercy of the energy. My hope is to some day learn how to channel all of this into something useful in some way, as for now being at the mercy of it feels much more like an act of surrender than an empowerment - but perhaps that is all it is meant to be.

We are all connected - everything on this planet, the solar system, and the wide universe. There is so much that we cannot see or understand rationally that has an effect on our body/mind/spirit. If anything, I believe the clairsentience borne from Kundalini, and our relationship to the morphic field is something hone, refine and continue dancing with. It deepens our intimacy with our instincts and places us in greater touch with a sense of oneness which can do nothing but help heal the world.

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