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New Segment! Celestial Oracles

Celestial Oracles

June 2 - 8, 2019

Hello readers, and welcome to Celestial Oracles!

The planets are always moving, and as such, energy flows above us, oceanic, electric, in perpetuity. Connecting with planetary events can deepen our awareness to our own place in the journey of this lifetime, and can help us hold space for ourselves, and as well as each other.

Today’s trine between Venus and Pluto encourages us to find love in the underworld. Venus, goddess of surfaces and senses, harmonizes with the planet of revolution, asking us to dig deep within our hearts and psyches, and find a rooted alignment with truth and purpose. On Monday, the New Moon in Gemini initiates a new narrative for us, as we press forward on our path. Gemini is the sign of playful communication, language, learning, and reminds us of the importance of duality. Release old ways of speaking to yourself, release old hurtful patterns of self-misunderstanding. You are empowered now to write your own fresh, brilliant narrative, one which will bloom over the next six months.

Tuesday’s conjunction between the Moon and Mercury engages our communicative center, and when Mercury enters Cancer, we speak an emotional language. Mercury will be in Cancer through June 26th, reminding us of the power of speaking from the interior of the heart. Wednesday brings us a brave air, as the Moon meets up with Mars. When the Moon trines Neptune later this day, all will be awash in poetry. A powerful day to make headway on your artistic projects, my dears.

By Thursday things are a little more tense, as the Moon opposes Pluto and squares Uranus, shining a spotlight on control issues and encouraging emotional outbursts. Tread carefully, and remember to try to stay as much in the present moment as possible. Friday may be a day of explosive communication, or shocking information may be revealed, as Mercury connects with Uranus, and the gods of language and lightning collide. This is another day to move carefully. If something erupts, remember that you are being shown something important. Uranus is destructive, but moves us toward the future. Energies shift on Saturday when Venus enters Gemini, and we remember how to love on an intellectual level. Venus in Gemini is wide-eyed in love, seeing opportunity everywhere. Use this ingress to challenge your perceptions of comfort, and find something that sparks your heart anew.

Oracles for the Signs:

Aries + Aries Rising

How is your connection to communication these days, dear Aries? You are full of fire and full of force, but this week you are being asked to revamp your approach to your own mind. Monday’s New Moon in Gemini initiates a fresh narrative around themes of speech, learning, and play. Release yourself from old ways of speaking about your own life, and reach for a more aligned story, one that is truly of your own making. On Tuesday Mercury enters Cancer, lighting up your house of private domestic matters and ancestry. For the next few weeks you’ll be speaking, thinking, and talking about the home more than usual. Try and see if you can tune into your feelings more at home, especially with people you share it with. Growth comes from this space. Make sure you get plenty of rest on Wednesday, as the Moon connects with Neptune, encouraging you to retreat from the scene. Meditation is advised this evening. Try to listen for voices from dreams. Friday will require care and grounding, as Mercury squares off with Uranus, and tension around your bank account and home come to the fore. Sweet Venus enters your house of intellect on Saturday, reminding you that love is bolstered by curiosity.

Taurus + Taurus Rising

Dear bull, this week brings a strength of spirit, and some heart opening planetary connection. The New Moon in Gemini on Monday sparks a fresh narrative around your relationship to finances, resources, and the senses. Banish old ways of thinking about these things, and construct an aligned pathway to your future. Tuesday brings expansion, as the Moon connects with Uranus in Taurus, allowing you to feel inventive and whimsical in your daily routine. Make space for something unusual, offbeat, and warming. On Tuesday Mercury enters Cancer, lighting up your house of language, encouraging you to speak and explore with an open emotionality. News that impacts you on a very personal level may arrive on Friday when Mercury squares Uranus, and sparks will surely fly. You are so good at remembering your body, and this is a perfect day to practice any kind of mindfulness. Your ruler, Venus, enters Gemini on Saturday, asking you to find new definitions of love, one that stirs your mind as much as your form.

Gemini + Gemini Rising

Bright twin, how are you? Happy New Moon in Gemini! New Moons are always an indicator of a fresh start, and with the Moon new in your sign, this is like a gorgeous cosmic refresh around your ego and identity. Wear it well, my dear, and celebrate yourself this Monday when the Moon is dark. You can reform your sense of self at this time, so remember to dream widely. On Tuesday Mercury enters Cancer, lighting up your house of resources. From now until June 26th, you’ll be asked to make emotional and intellectual connections to your sense of values. What are you holding on to, my dear? What old attitudes toward money and safety are holding you back? On Friday the Moon trines Jupiter, shining an expansive light on your house of partnership. This is a gorgeous day to dig in to your sense of joviality and beneficence, and to celebrate your connection to others. Saturday brings focus to ideas of love, as Venus enters Gemini, activating your house of resources, and echoing the story the New Moon initiated. Find new ways to connect mind and body, and celebrate your own fertility.

Cancer + Cancer Rising

Cancer, this week brings focus to things mysterious and hidden, making it important for you to rest, recharge, and go within. The New Moon on Monday lights up the house in your chart that speaks of the spirit, the ineffable, and the Dionysian duality of healing and madness. There is a new path waiting for you in your psyche. Spend time in meditation to engage what breathes beneath your surface. Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday, and when it connects to the Moon it will create a chatty, sensitive atmosphere. You’ll be talking about your feelings a lot this month. On Wednesday the Moon connects with Neptune, and this is a lovely day for art, play, and intuitive expression. Friday brings a golden illumination between Sun and Moon, and you’ll feel empowered in your place in this life. Trust that feeling—you are here for a reason. On Saturday, Venus enters Gemini, taking up residence in that aforementioned hidden place in your chart, the house of the ineffable. Matters pertaining to love may be obscured while Venus is in Gemini, and this is an important reminder that love can emanate from an unseen realm. It is our duty to connect with what lies beyond the senses, so that we can see what bringing forward.

Leo + Leo Rising

Leo, you are so wonderful at cultivating a shimmering social circle, and this will bring you an opportunity to reconnect with what actually fulfills you in terms of your friends and relationships. Monday’s New Moon in Gemini lights up a part of your chart that has you dreaming of utopia. Find new ways to connect with likeminded people. You are charting a fresh course around your sense of community, and brilliant new relationships are on the way. When Mercury enters Cancer, a sensitive and deep part of your chart is activated, and will remain this way through the month. Dreams may facilitate important intellectual breakthroughs, or at least carry messages that deserve your consideration. This is a big week for you in terms of your public life, my dear, as the Moon’s connection with Uranus on Tuesday allows you to find expansion in the public eye—but only if you take a risk. Friday’s connection between the Sun, your ruling planet, and the Moon, finds expansive inspiration in matters of the heart and mind. On Saturday, Venus enters your house of friendships, inspiring you connect with your favorite souls, and to remind you that love issues from camaraderie.

Virgo + Virgo Rising

Earth virgin, how are you? The New Moon in Gemini will arrive on Monday, initiating an exciting new narrative of understanding around your career and public reputation. You have been working hard, diligently, for a long time now. I see you. This New Moon is not a magic cure for what you feel is too little progress, but rather, it sets you on the proper course to pursue those big dreams of success. You are now able to move into an aligned space with your work, and should take time this New Moon to think of what you actually want, why, and name the first steps you’ll take to get there. The time is coming, my dear. Your ruler, Mercury, enters Cancer on Tuesday, lighting up your house of community connection. Growth and learning comes from friendships this month, and you’ll be inspired to connect with people who share your vision of the future. Leave the past behind, for now. It will be right where you left it anyway when you return. On Saturday Venus enters Gemini, and you’ll find that love for you means finding a sense of accomplishment. Let yourself be drawn to the horizon of your own heart.

Libra + Libra Rising

Sweet Libra, you are so intelligent, you carefully consider matters from all angles, and I love you for that. This week brings a supercharge of focus to your intellect, as the New Moon on Monday lights up a part of your chart that is curious, expansive, and spiritual. A new approach is available to you around your relationships to learning, something you never shy away from anyway. Take this time to connect with your vision of what it means to water the garden of your intellect, my dear. There is a great deal of power to be unearthed here. Tuesday brings a practical focus to the fore, as Mercury enters your house of work. You’ll be chatting endlessly about new business opportunities. Keep an ear out for leads, but remember that forward movement must also be emotionally aligned. Thursday invites you to find connection with people in teaching roles, as the Moon connects with Venus in Gemini. And on Saturday, Venus, your planetary ruler, moves from Taurus to Gemini. For the rest of the month, you shine brilliantly in the public eye, and will be able to use your grace and charm as a tool for making great strides in your career.

Scorpio + Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, you are well acquainted with the sense of shadow that permeates all, and this week, you’re given a chance to connect with that darkness on your own terms. The New Moon in Gemini illuminates an area of your chart that speaks of transformation, trauma, power struggle, and underworld energies. You are being given an opportunity to initiate a new narrative in terms of how you relate to all of the above. Act as your own psychopomp, and lead yourself down into the depths. Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday, and you receive a burst of intellectual power. Philosophy, materia from foreign cultures, even spiritual topics, will all be important to you this month, and will stir your heart and mind. On Wednesday the Moon meets Mars, one of your planetary rulers, flooding you with bravery. Thursday the Moon opposes Pluto. Be mindful of your part in power struggles on this day. On Saturday when Venus enters Gemini, you are drawn to questions of the soul, and you will be engaging this aspect of yourself for the rest of the month in an embodied manner. Remember that the underworld brings richness. No one can reincarnate better than you.

Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising

Fire-archer, the Moon is New, and in the sign of Gemini. Here you are called to initiate a fresh story of partnership. You are avid in your curiosity about the world around you, and you are known for your robust and rambunctious attitude. The New Moon in Gemini asks you to reconsider what it means, to you, to hold space for the other. How do you find balance, how do you define justice? As you’re considering that, the Moon will oppose Jupiter, your planetary ruler, bringing a bit of instability to your emotional core. Tuesday sees Mercury enter Cancer, lighting up a deep and dark part of your chart, prompting you to being thinking and speaking about your shadow, something that you may feel resistant to. Your nature is to expand, but Mercury asks you this month to dive down. Thursday brings sparks to your partnerships, encouraging you to find genuine connection with people you love. Friday is a brilliant day for you, as the Moon trines Jupiter, letting your heart sigh, harmoniously, and grow. Saturday brings focus to partnerships again, as Venus enters Gemini.

Capricorn + Capricorn Rising

As an earth sign, you know all about the body, dear Capricorn, and you of anyone I know are able to become the master of your own universe. That doesn’t mean that you’ve learned all there is to know about connecting with your physical existence, though. Monday’s New Moon in Gemini brings a fresh way of relating to your health, rituals of the body, and your attachment to your physical existence. The perfect time to turn a new leaf if you’ve been trying to connect more deeply to your health and wellness. You work so hard, and this is a beautiful reminder that you deserve to lavish yourself with care, nourishment, and support. Mercury’s entrance into Cancer brings focus to your partnerships, and for the rest of the month you’ll be talking about balance and justice. On Wednesday the Moon opposes Saturn, your ruling planet, which may bring tension to your heart. Tread with care, and remember that this is a passing influence. On Saturday Venus enters Gemini, lighting up your house of rituals of the body. Venus will be here all month, and this is a gorgeous time for you to dig in to the experience of life in your exact body.

Aquarius + Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, you flowering eccentric, Monday’s New Moon brings you to the open doorway of renewed self-expression. The New Moon will occur in Gemini, illuminating the part of your chart that talks about play, drama, and performance, and as such you are being given a chance to cultivate more honest, more ingenious ways of expressing yourself. Your ruling planets Saturn and Uranus are aspected by the Moon all week, bringing shifts and surprises around the themes of home and family, as well as your unconscious experience. Uranus is a change maker, and shakeups around the home are not always welcome. Try to ask yourself what can be learned here, as Uranus is always trying to get us to open our eyes anew. When Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday, you’ll be invigorated to start thinking, talking, planning, and learning about health, wellness, and routines of self-care. Treat yourself delicately, and remember that there is only one you! Saturday sees Venus enter Gemini, illuminating your house of play. Keep your heart open this month, there is some Venusian fun to be had, just around the corner.

Pisces + Pisces Rising

Pisces, as the dream-fish, you know so much about the dayworld and the underworld, about the psyche and about the body. This week brings you the chance to weave a new tale around your home, your private or domestic realm, and your connection to your ancestral root. The New Moon in Gemini illuminates these themes for you, and you will be inspired to retreat for the time being. That’s OK for now, there are messages for you that emanate from within. The Moon will square off with your planetary ruler, Neptune, on that day, so be mindful of emotional knots. On Tuesday, Mercury enters Cancer, illuminating your house of play, drama, and performance. This is a lovely month for you to engage your inner actress (I know you have one!), and find fresh manifestations of your sense of self-expression. On Wednesday the Moon trines Neptune, bringing emotional harmony, poetry, and intuitive grace. When Venus enters Gemini on Saturday, you will be reminded of the power of the growth you make away from the public eye. This month, give yourself space to retreat, and to reconnect with what it means to you to be your own mother, to embody that energy for yourself. Love, now, comes from the sweetness of domesticity, and from connecting with the lineage that precedes you in this lifetime.

Written by Cristina Farella of Eighth House Astrology

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