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Rekindle your love for the divine feminine as you trace her footsteps through the majesty of the desert. Allow these carefully crafted cards to lead you on a vision quest deep into the heart of majestic archetypes.

This is the first tarot deck released by SERPENTFIRE and was begun in 2011, completed in 2014. 

The artwork lends itself to traditional tarot symbolism - which you can see if you look closely - but it is also a new interpretation of the cards. This makes the deck great for beginners and seasoned collectors alike.

~ Product info - FINAL 7TH EDITION ~

▹ Card back and box design feature the "777" artwork. This edition is BORDERLESS. Artwork goes from edge to edge for bigger impact.


▹Full 78 card tarot deck featuring collage artwork by Devany Wolfe. Standard 2.75 x 4.75 card size printed on 12 point 310gsm linen card stock, which provides great colour quality, sheen, and snap back.


▹ Cards are edged in lustrous gold.

Deck is accompanied by a comprehensive card meanings + readings booklet written by the artist. 


▹ Both deck and booklet come inside of a beautiful, durable two piece lift box.



"Serpentfire tarot has a magical, feminine darkness. It's seductive and mysterious." ~ Savvvageone

"This is my first Tarot deck, was given as a gift and I am honestly IN LOVE! Each time I touch upon the deck, I awaken a new part of myself that clears as an opening for new depth and understanding. The Pictures themselves are beautiful and powerful. The cards are intense and vivid, the book that comes along with it make it so easy to interpret. Being that the deck is easily identifiable, with an image on the back of each shows if a card is upside down or not. With that being said, you can read in the book, the interpretation as is, but also the shadow meaning (as if it were to be read if it was inverse or upside-down). With each card there is also a Mantra associated with it. It's very difficult not to fall in love with something that feels so personal." ~ Ciara W. 

"I have three decks and this is BY FAR the one that has the strongest and most consistent energy. The glow and flow on these are amazing." ~ Talia

"All of the illustrations are gorgeous, I could not be happier with the deck! Thank you so much!" ~ Jess

"I love working with this deck. It is very demanding! It immediately became one of the only decks I use in my practice. The artwork and the colours are so great." ~ Callum

"I don't know how to express the style of this deck, but it is unlike anything I've worked with before. I love it! The images are beautiful, but there is also so much soul in the little booklet. It shines with joy and wisdom. I highly recommend giving this a try." ~ Jenny

"Devany Wolfe is much more than a tarot artist--she is a visionary. An "artist's artist." Her designs absorb every brain cell that has anything to do with visual attention in unique, dynamic configurations. At once analytical and enigmatic, the art of the Aeon of Horus 6th Edition signifies the recognition that nothing in nature is quite so fascinating as our own perceptions and interpretations of it--a tormented dreamscape, in which the material and the sacred form an insuperable union." ~ Michael Braund

"I was so happy, just like Christmas, they have exceeded all of my expectations. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, wise and inspiring but I bonded with them instantly! It was like meeting old friends. I understand them better than any other cards I've had." ~ C

"Received this a present for my birthday last week and wow! I haven't spent much time with oracle decks of any kind but I feel like I'm learning quickly after only a few readings with a little help from the guidebook.

Spectacular art work and presentation, an instant treasure at my house."
~ Deb Stanton

"Can't say enough good things about this deck. My favourite tarot set of all time is Thoth, and I really love how this deck extrapolates the themes which originated there. The aesthetics of this deck are kick-ass, so very retro but in a soft, approachable way. The visuals and symbolism is on point. It's very easy to read with and it has an amazing presence. Thank you so much for making an amazing product!" ~ David

"Serpentfire (last edition) - this deck is an entire vibe!! I'm glad I was able to get them before they were gone. The colors, the pattern and symbolism chosen are so fitting for Kundalini / shadow exploration. Dark but color-filled. They give me a sense of hope at the end of the excavation of my soul." ~ Amnel

"Serpentfire Tarot is simply magical! So much so, I have two decks! The moment you hold the box you can feel the energy radiating from it. The artwork is mesmerizing and intuitive, I could actually look and read with these cards all day. You also get more pages, meanings and mantras for a guidebook over a small vague little book." ~ Blair 

"This deck is the first tarot deck I ever bought for myself. I knew I needed something beautiful, inspiring, full of Divine feminine power and mystical. I have loved every moment with this deck and find the descriptions so meaningful and useful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom and vision in this form!" ~ Karlyn

"I was nervous of tarot, until I found Serpentfire, Devany's stunning designs, combined with the gold leaf edges, drew me in. This feminine, empowering deck offered hope, guidance and reassurance in tough times. These cards whisper wisdom." ~ EJ

"My Serpentfire deck is one of my absolute favorites. I've had her for 4 years now. I've kept her close during such immense transition, as she has been one of my greatest guides. I am forever grateful for the messages and clarity that have come through over the years." ~ Kahala 

"The Serpentfire deck is my go-to deck. It speaks my language. With imagery that hits my soul, they are like visions that could have been plucked from my mind. Interpretation during a reading always feels so organic and natural. Sometimes I find I may not have the words to express a reading but with these images the message is always clear, gentle and empowering." ~ Jessica 

"This is one of the most intuitive decks I've ever used. The artwork is beautiful. The messages from the deck are always so apt and perfectly timed. I turn to this deck when I need some no-nonsense advice and gentle love." ~ Sam 

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