"Just take a gander at Serpentfire’s glorious She Wolfe...truly a work of art." ~ NYLON Magazine

"Another fave based out of Toronto, the She Wolfe tarot is maybe the most gorgeous tarot deck we’ve ever laid eyes on." ~ Tyger Tyger

"The sexiest tarot deck on the market." ~ happy customer

The second tarot deck by artist and writer Devany Wolfe, She Wolfe Tarot takes you further along your spiritual quest into self-understanding and connecting with your higher purpose. 

Product Information:

80 card tarot deck - 78 traditional cards plus two "secret arcana"

The themes of Goddess power, Ancient Egypt and vintage desert imagery all work in a dynamic flow that is clean, concise and impactful.

This deck features dozens of women and men who elected to become a part of this project, to embody the archetypes with their own flavour of interpretation. The result is a diverse body of work celebrating the divine feminine.  

Instead of borders, each suit has its own subtle, muted colour as a base to each card. The artwork is built in layers on top of this base, lending itself to the surrealism that SERPENTFIRE has become well known for, but in a fresh, new way.

The symbols and meanings are easy to glean, but for those who want to dive deep into the world of tarot, there is an accompanying 200 page guidebook, with features such as:

Card meanings - light and shadow interpretations, artwork descriptions, and mantras

Glossary of important terms - reading spreads - and much more!

Both the deck and the guidebook come in a two-piece box with the She Wolfe title. The cards are edged in a beautiful, rich rose gold. 

Your odyssey awaits...


"The She Wolfe Tarot has been a beautiful, valuable part of my journey towards empowerment, following intuition, healing and daily support. Thank you for the inspiration and divine art xxxx." ~ Hollie 

"She Wolfe!!!! Love it so much, I use it all the time and it gets better and better. Also used it as a paint palette when I remodelled my house. So needless to say I am engulfed in inspiration and earthy, otherworldly beauty. Thank you so much!" ~ Natalee Miller


"She Wolfe is like a journey through a kaleidoscopic portal with its psychedelic artwork and 1970's color palette. Beautiful, powerful, artful magic!" ~ Savvvageone 


"It's so funny I remember thinking to myself I would never get into to tarot some years back. What lead me to tarot was how the cards message would always be spot on resonating with whatever was going on with me at the moment. So I thought , I would learn to read tarot by reading myself. When I first saw this deck, I was in awe. I had to have it before I even knew how to use it. When I decided to give tarot a try, I knew this was the deck I wanted to start with. It's been six months since I got my hands on this lovey deck and every time I use it I am blown away. I love the clarity and guidance I get from it, and how it empowers and helps you to evolve. Not to mention beautiful to look at. The guidebook is so helpful. I also got the Tarot For New Seekers E-book and that has been an eye opener as well. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Serpentfire deck." ~ Jamia


"I've been waiting anxiously every single day, and it was every bit worth the waits. These cards hold such an intuitive mysterious feeling, making every reading so much more interesting. When I read through the book, its evidenced so much time has been put into each card. The artist explains what the imagery unfolds, and suddenly I'm learning myself as I'm learning to understand the art. I picked a card indicative of hard times, and included in the explanation was the most amazing and inspiring quote that all of a sudden made me feel connected to everyone. I'm just so impressed with the touch and feel of the cards, and the art worth is so amazing. Theres such a modern feel to such an ancient practice, the blending of the two is wild and feels more alive. Thank you for making these cards, I feel so excited to explore and learn each one." ~ Zahra


"I LOVE THIS DECK! I have a very large collection and I have to say this deck speaks to me more than any of the others. It's so feminine, powerful, well-executed, and the booklet is almost the best part because it allows you to understand everything so deeply. 5/5." ~ HG


"These cards are one of the most divine decks that I've ever held. I could feel the feminine energy the moment I started opening my package. The deck is unlike anything I've ever held. The colors, the art, the rose gold detail, the book and descriptions are all out of this world. I will be a collector of her other decks. They speak to me on a primal soul level. Thank you!" ~ C. McMakin  

"The writing and interpretation is above and beyond: intelligent, intuitive, channeled divinely. I haven't made a reading yet that hasn't totally blown my mind. Thank you!" ~ Pixie

"A friend recommended this deck to me and OMG. It's so beautiful! Every detail is incredible. And the guidebook - wow. So potent thorough! I'm in love!!" ~ Rachel 

"I came across this deck way before I even got into tarot reading and thought it was a beautiful deck. Idk what it was, but something drew me to it. When I decided to start learning how to read tarot I knew the She Wolfe deck was the one I wanted to start with. I love the energy of this deck. I love the empowerment, enlightenment, clarity & guidance I get from it. Any reading I do always resonates." ~ Mimi 

"This deck came into my life via a sweet gift from a friend at a very horrible time. It's carried me through highs and lows with spot-on readings and I love the way your interpretations break out of the hetero-patriarchal frameworks to reach for a more expansive and revolutionary tarot story." ~ Eden

"I feel so deeply connected to this deck. The energy is pure, confrontational and loving. The artwork is beautiful, haunting and nostalgic. I always see what I need to see, and when I'm not in the right mindset or distracted, the deck lets me know by feeling suddenly uninterested during a reading. I've had intense moments during full moons, crying on the rooftops of different countries, finding solace in this deck that always anchors me back to myself and the universe when I feel lost. Thank you for creating such magic." ~ Lil

"This deck has been so helpful to me in my practice. The energy in these cards is incredibly pertinent and I felt such a deep connection to them the minute I touched the box. And I sleep with them next to my bed. Just sayin'." ~ Nat

"Hi! I love the She Wolfe deck...you have a unique take on the traditional meaning of the cards which incorporates more of a holistic and feminine approach. Traditional symbols and meanings evoke the emotional aspects of the cards. For instance, the Empress becomes the Divine Feminine and the Emperor becomes the Divine Masculine. These qualities are more about the energies versus the literal embodiment. Thank you for such an inspiring tarot deck!" ~ Alex

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