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Sigils have been used for thousands of years to invoke magick. They are potent symbols amassed to manifest intended outcomes.

This small yet impactful oracle deck was created to help you get in touch with archetypal themes, energy centres, and magickal experiences in your every day life. These sigils were either created intuitively by Devany or are elaborations on pre-existing symbolism. They are here to help you become aware of obstacles that may be barring you from manifesting your desires. 

Each card has a light and shadow aspect, so to better understand the full nature of the archetype and clear pathways. There is also a mantra for each card, to aid in setting intentions. 

Product information:

~ 22 card oracle deck featuring sigil artwork by Devany Amber Wolfe

~ Card back features "One" artwork (also a card in the deck)

~ Deck is accompanied by a thoughtful and illuminating guidebook

~ Guidebook includes:

~ Important messages about Sigils

~ Reading spreads

~ Descriptions of each card artwork and meanings

~ Both deck + guidebook come safe inside of a beautiful two piece lift box



"The energy of this deck is deep. Transformative. Pure Wisdom. The style is gorgeous (no surprise!), divine feminine and imaginative (with a touch of mod). I would recommend this deck for all levels!" ~ BusinessMystic 

"I couldn't tell you what compelled me to select this deck other than I was intrigued by the colors and concept of this deck. The deck is described as a 22-card oracle designed to help you manifest your desires. After working with it, the adjective that comes to mind is, sexy. This is a sexy deck. There is something so seductive about how the colors are used, the thought behind the sigils, and the way the mantras for each card are so relevant. The gun metal, black gilding on the edges of the cards serve to highlight the mystique of this deck. I like that the 22 cards can be matched to the major arcana of the tarot, I like that all seven of the main chakras are represented, but most of all I like the supportive and thought provoking message provided for each card. The 44 page guidebook includes the essence of the sigil, the meaning, and a suggestion for manifestation magic. There is also a selection of 4 unique spreads. The Serpentfire Sigil Oracle is multi-dimensional, and multi-use. My initial apprehension has been proven unnecessary since I find this deck to be strangely comforting and cohesive with the rest of my collection." ~ Indie Deck Review 

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