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Fey Creaturehood is a sacred space. It’s somewhere I can pour my heart and soul into. We can co-create a digital community away from social media which inevitably censors and governs what you see and don’t see. As someone who struggles with her health and energy from day to day, I’ve come to greatly appreciate realms such as this where ‘hustle culture’ is not championed.

Fey Creaturehood is the exploration of being forever inextricably interwoven with the endless existential questioning that makes life so complex. Living life on the fringes, with a tender heart. Being open to change, seeking truths, being curious + soft. Honouring the animal body. Honouring the natural rhythms of life.

I love and resonate with all of the definitions of fey, as listed on the right:

I’ve always been fascinated with microcosmic worlds and other dimensions - and my current state is being wrapped up in a sweet chrysalis, hanging gently from the bottom of a flower in a secret garden. This has come after having endless phoenix experiences where I was essentially doomed to die, symbolically, time and time again.


Many autistic people identify with being fey and otherworldly and I am no exception!

If you are neurodivergent or are experiencing a chronic health condition, this is a beautiful burgeoning community of those on a similar journey.

You are encouraged to subscribe for free if you can’t swing the monthly paid price, but if you can spare 5 bucks a month I’d be so grateful.

The subscription cost goes a long way in helping to support me as a creator so that I can continue offering so much of what I do for free, as well as continue working from home creating dynamic and successful projects (such as my internationally bestselling tarot and oracle decks!)

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